When Autumn Leaves

I want to thank Vida with Overlook Press for sending me a copy of this book to review.

My review:

Nestled in a small town off the coast of British Columbia is a place called Avening. The residents here have something special. There town is filled with magic and just near the outskirts of town lies a portal to another world. Avening is also the place where Autumn Avening calls home.

Autumn runs a new age shop called Demeter’s Grove. She is also a member of the Jaen sisterhood. One day Sister Neal brings Autumn news that she has been promoted within the sisterhood. While Autumn is excited, she is quite ready to give up her duties, though she made a vow and she has to keep it. One plus is that Autumn gets to choose her replacement. She decides to make it into a competition. Who will Autumn choose? Will it be Ellie Penhaligan the shy newspapers reporter, who has the ability of invisibility? Or will it be Stella Darling, the brash loud mouth…or how about Piper Shigeru, mother of two?

When Autumn Leaves is author, Amy S. Foster’s debut novel. Ms. Foster is a talented songwriter, so I was excited to see what her first novel would be like. While I didn’t fully love this book, I did think Amy did a gallant effort with her first novel. I was expecting more magic to be performed in this story. Also, I felt like the first half of the book moved a little slow as it explained and talked about the different characters before I got to the meat of the story. My favorite character was Ellie. She was sweet and innocent. It was nice to see her grow as the story progressed. When Autumn Leaves did leave me wanting to see what Amy S. Foster comes up with next.


The Bookworm said…
it does sound interesting, thanks for the honest review.

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