Between Me and the River

Carrie Host has a truly amazing story to tell. It concerns her, her family and her battle against cancer. The year was 2003. Carrie was having some pains; she went to a gastroenterologist and was told it was Crohn’s disease. Lab tests were sent to Mayo Clinic. When the results came back, Carrie was notified that she didn’t have Crohn’s disease but Cancer. Who could ever imagine that one little word…Cancer could cause such an upheaval. Between Me and the River is the story of Carrie’s journey. She chronicles every moment from when she first receives the news to her celebration of being cancer free!

I really appreciate that Carrie wanted to share her story with readers. It was so inspirational. What I enjoyed the most about this book was that Carrie had a positive outlook and was goal orientated in beating cancer. Though she may have felt like giving up at times, she showed there are more important things in life…like family and living. Carrie was very personable in this book and I made me just fall in love with her. Between Me and the River is a inspirational and wonderful read.


The Bookworm said…
I'm reading this one now myself. I agree, it is inspirational.
Great review!
Cheryl said…
Naida- I can't wait to hear your thoughts. Another good one is Cancer is a Bitch

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