I would Die for You!

I want to thank Sarah with Random House for sending me a copy of this book to review.

Isabel Raine has a really good life. She has a good career and a wonderful husband. Isabel and Marcus have been married for five years. They have gone through a lot together, including a miscarriage.

Marcus leaves for work. As he goes, he tells Isabel "Thanks for being the most beautiful thing I'll see all day". It is late at night and Marcus is not home yet. Isabel calls both his cell and his work but no one has seen or heard from Marcus. Marcus has now been missing for hours, when her phone rings. The connection is bad but it sounds like Marcus's voice. Suddenly Isabel hears a man scream and the call is lost.

Isabel calls the authorities but they aren't interested. Isabel decides to investigate herself into the disappearance of her husband. All she gets for her troubles is knocked unconscious. She awakes in a hospital bed and a Detective Grady Crowe asking her questions about Marcus.

Come take a ride as Isabel races to the country Prague to find the man she thought was her husband.

What I love so much about the suspense/thriller genre is the adrenaline rush I get from read these types of books. I enjoy seeing what places an author can take me. Die for You did have the excitement. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough of a rush to keep me going all the way through till the end. Though I did like that the storyline took me to another country.

The plot was definitely a good one but I couldn't really find a connection with the characters. Some times this happens but luckily; all the things I did like about Die for You does make me want to try some of Lisa Unger's previous novels.


Anonymous said…
LOVE this author! I have this book on my shelf now. :)
Cheryl said…
Thanks for stopping by J. Kaye. I hope you enjoy the book
Linda Jacobs said…
I haven't read this author but might check her out at the library. Often, I don't like one or two of a favorite author's books. They can't all be winners I guess.
KR said…
I may give this a shot. Thanks for your honest review!


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