It is a Dark Time

I want to thank Aurora with Harper Collins for sending me a copy of this book to review.

Many, many centuries ago, Susannah was accused of witchcraft. She was ordered to be burned alive. Susannah was saved by an evil creature but for a price. In exchange for getting to keep her life, Susannah has to serve all of eternity as an assassin.

To present day. Susannah is no longer. She now calls herself Marsha Winters aka Maliha Crayne. By day Susannah goes by Marsha Winters, writer but by night she is Maliha, one deadly assassin. Susannah has killed more people than she can keep count. For the first couple of hundred years, the killings weren't so bad but now Maliha is tried and wants out of her deal.

There just might be a way for Maliha to get her wish. The only problem is that Maliha may no longer exist if she is to succeed. Come take a ride into both the depths of the underworld and mortal world as Maliha travels down the mortal path from New York all the way to China and Peru.

Dark Time is book one in this great new series by Dakota Banks. Dark Time is an explosive combination of James Cameron's Dark Angel and Xena, the Warrior Princess. It has all the great elements of being very dark, with a kick-ass heroine! I would recommend this book to sci-fi, paranormal, urban, or any other type of fan. Dark Time is a must read!

I would almost feel sorry for whomever gets on Maliha's bad side but they deserve it. Maliha could strike you down with just one look. Dakota Banks can bank on the fact that her books are going to go all the way to number one. The only thing wrong with this book is that I read it so fast that I have to wait till book two comes out.

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Great review Cheryl!! I've been really curious about this since I first saw it. Maliha sounds like an awesome character =)
kalea_kane said…
I have been dying for this book! I cannot wait to get my hands on it! Thank you for the wonderful review.
Dakota Banks said…
Thanks, Cheryl, for the great review. I''m delighted you enjoyed my book!

Dakota :)

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