Robbie Case is a multi-billionaire CEO, owner of the company Core Communications. He pretty much grew this company up from the ground. He went from thirty employees working for Core Communications to the company now employing around five thousand employees.

Core Communications specializes in information technology in the high-tech computer world. Their biggest seller is the Core Blue Boxes. These boxes help reduce the wait time to transfer date from one mainframe computer to another. The boxes are a must have for any business. The thing is that Core Communications is all a gimmick. The core blue boxes don’t really work. Everything Robbie has built is a lie. Now he will try and save a company that doesn’t really exist.

I thought Shimmer sounded really good. While I appreciate Mr. Barnes putting all his efforts into this debut novel; unfortunately I felt the story and the characters feel flat for me. Robbie seemed one dimensional without a lot of range. To be honest I even put this book down several times. Every time I picked it up again, I could only read a few pages at a time. Though, I could tell as I was reading this book that it had potential but it moved too slowly to me.

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Anonymous said…
This looks like my kind of read!
Eric Barnes said…
Thanks for trying the book, Cheryl. Sorry it wasn't a better fit for you.
Cheryl said…
J Kaye- You would probably enjoy this book.

Mr. Barnes - Thank you for stopping by. I am sorry too that the book and I didn't fit better but I do want to try your work again.
I am dying to read this one Cheryl! I really can't wait to pick it up!

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