Sunnyside Blues

I want to thank Mary Carter for sending me a copy of her book to review.

Twenty five year old, Andes Lane is a free soul. She has never stayed in one place for very long, always on the go. As much as traveling around the world sounds like fun, Andes is ready to settle down and find a place she can call home.

Andes just may have found that place. in Settle, Washington. She comes upon an flyer, advertising for a houseboat for rent. Andes goes and checks out the houseboat. The owner Jay tells her that the boat will be unoccupied after the fourth of July but after Andes criticizes the condition of the place, Jay doesn't want to rent to her. As if getting off the wrong foot with Jay wasn't bad enough, she has to also contend with his ten year old son, Chase.

Chase hates Andes and he makes sure she knows it. Andes currently has no other place to go. She tried to find a way to make it up to Jay. The only way to do that is through Chase. Jay gets arrested, leaving Chase in Andes temporary custody. Andes has never taken case of a child. She can barely take care of herself. In order to survive Chase and Andes will need to learn to get along with each other. They take a trip and end up in Sunnyside, Queens. There they will find love, friendship, heartache, and the most important thing of!

Sunnyside Blues is a touching story about two people, who come to realize that home is where the heart is and that you don't always have to be strong, as long as you have people around you who care about you. At first I really didn't like Chase. He got on my nerves and I thought he was a brat. As the story went on, I came to realize that I felt sorry for Chase and was glad he had someone like Andes to look after him. Andes is very quiet. At the beginning, she is like a caterpillar but towards the end of the book she emerges turning into a butterfly. I did have a slight issue with the transition when the story would flash from present to past and present again. For me I wished the switch was a little more smoother. Overall though I thought this was an good book.

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