To Your Own Self Be True

I want to thank author, Ray Melnik for sending me a copy of his book to review.

To Your Own Self Be True introduces Kaela Ladd, the other daughter of scientist Harry Ladd from author Ray Melnik's first novel, The Room. This story takes place in the year 2021.

Kaela is all grown up now and her father is gone. She will never forget the lessons he taught her, even if it took her a while to believe. Kaela is very excited. After finishing her internship, Kaela was offered a position at SciLab. There Kaela is tasked with teaching a Universal Personal Assistant how to function.

Research is not cheap work. Kaela's boss asks her to do a presentation to the board of a company in order to try and get more money. Besides working with a Universal Personal Assistant, Kaela also is very invested in trying to learn just what really happened to her father.

Mr. Melnik integrates physics with M-Theory. M-Theory is the concept that there is an eleventh dimension of space time. This so called eleventh dimension is believed to unify all these dimensions and be more powerful. While I love science, this book went over my head. Let me say this is not because it wasn't good but because the concept seemed a little far out there for me. As well as the fact that I believe that the story had some loop holes that probably would have been filled in better for me had I read The Room first, prior to reading To Your Own Self Be True. Again I want to say this was not a bad book, only that I felt to better experience what Mr. Melnik was trying to portray with his characters and time rifts that you should read the first book, The Room.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the warning to read The Room first. It does sound interesting, though.

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