Benny & Shrimp

I want to thank Caitlin with FSB Associates for sending me a copy of this book to review.

Desiree Wakkin works as a librarian. She is book smart and very well organized. Benny Soderstrom manages a milk farm. He is not much into appearances. This can be confirmed by the first time Desiree and Benny met.

Benny was really scruffy looking and was wearing this quilted jacket that had a logo on it, that said Forest Owners' Alliance. Of course though, Benny deserves a break as no one really plans to fall in love at a cemetery.

For weeks Desiree and Benny would share the same bench at the cemetery but neither one would talk to each other. Finally one day, Benny worked up the courage to invite Desiree to lunch. From there on, Desiree and Benny realized they enjoyed each other's company. Benny nicknamed Desiree "Shrimp". This is because Desiree just seemed to stuck up of a name and Shrimp fit her better. Shrimp because these creatures have a shell on the outside with long feelers but are soft and curvy on the inside. This is exactly how Desiree was.

How long though will these two be able to put up with each other. Benny with his relaxed attitude and his mother's embroidery work in his home. Or how about Desiree and her higher than mighty attitude.

I thought Benny and Shrimp was a fun, cute read. Benny and Shrimp kind of reminded me of The Odd Couple. They were total opposites but yet you couldn't imagine them having a better relationship with anyone else.

The way this story was written is intriguing. The characters alternated between chapters. Desiree would talk and then Benny. The whole book went this way. It was told in first person dialect. I would definitely read another book by Katarina Mazetti.


I read this one and reviewed this one too; fun read.
Anonymous said…
This is the second time I've run across this today. It seems like a really charming story. A cemetery is an odd place to meet, though.

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