Her name is Jezebel

Jessie Belle Holt was born a preacher's daughter. She lives in the small town of Mayville, but Jessie Belle doesn't act like a preacher's daughter should. She is very promiscuous and materialistic about owning the very best possessions that money can buy. Because of this fact, people have taken to calling Jessie Belle "Jezebel".

Jessie Belle's mother tells her that she needs to save herself for her husband, one who loves her.

Pastor Traynor Deveraux Jr. travels to Mayville in place of his father, who was invited by Jessie Belle's father to come give a sermon at one of his tent revivals. From the first moment Jessie Belle lays eyes on Traynor, she claims him as her husband. She plans to do everything she can to become Mrs. Deveraux Jr. even if she has to lie, trick and seduce Traynor.

What a surprising wonderful novel Jezebel turned out to be. I know whatever I did expect for this book, it exceed my expectations. The story as well as the characters were filled with such strong emotions. This helped really draw me into the story. Jacquelin Thomas has an amazing talent for telling stories ripped straight from the Bible. Ms Thomas's calling as a writer is a gift that is to be treasured. Only a book like this deserves the very best with a rating of a five angel, recommended read!

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Linda Jacobs said…
This does sound intriguing! Another one for my mental TBR pile!

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