The Missing Ink

I want to thank Becky with New American Library (NAL) a subgroup of Penguin for sending me a copy of this book to review.

Meet Brett Kavanaugh, owner of one of the hottest, upscale tattoo parlors in Sin City...The Painted Lady. Brett is unforgettable, due largely in part to the huge arm tattoo that features water lilies and a dragon.

The cops come sniffing around Brett's shop, all because of a woman who wanted a devotion tattoo of a heart with the name of her fiancee, Matt. Brett learns that the woman, who gave her name as Kelly Masters is not who she claimed she was. Her real name is Elise Lyon and her fiance's name is Chip Manning not Matt. Chip is the son of big time developer, Bruce Manning; who has properties all over the world and has just built a swanky new casino called the Versailles.

Brett starts doing some investigating of her own. All she knows is that all clues point to her rival, Jeff Coleman of Murder Ink. Brett decides to confront Jeff, which is a bad idea but Brett always reacts first without really thinking her plans all the way through. Will Jeff leave a permanent mark on Brett? The Missing Ink is the first book in a brand new series, A Tattoo Shop Mystery. This book has everything including action, thrills, humor, and a kick-ass heroine! You know the saying...the bark is worse then the bite, well both Brett's bark and bite are deadly. She doesn't take anything lying down. There is one thing I do have to say and that is, it is Brett should keep her day job as the music industry is not ready for her, unless there is an audience for tone-deaf singers. I loved this book. What a great, strong start to this series. I have just found myself a favorite new author in Karen E. Olson. Can't wait to join Brett in her next adventure.

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Anonymous said…
Great review! Love that cover!!
Karen Olson said…
Thanks so much for such a wonderful review! I'm thrilled you enjoyed the book!
I really want to read this one. I heard about it somewhere, sounds great.

Cheryl said…
Thanks everyone for stopping by.

I agree J. Kaye that the cover is eye popping.

Karen - I am glad you like my review.

Mag - You will have to get yourself a copy soon
Nice review and compelling cover!
Anonymous said…
I'm looking forward to reading this one. Sounds like a great mystery.
Oooh reminds me of "that show" with Kat Von D. : ) L.A. Ink? Too cool! This looks like a great one!

Thanks cheryl!

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