Silent Killer

I want to thank Mrs. Barton for sending me an ARC copy of this book to review.

Eighteen months ago, something terrible happened in the town of Dunmore. Catherine Cantrell and her pastor husband Mark were relaxing at home, when the doorbell rings. Mark heads to the door to answer it. Suddenly Cathy hears Mark screaming bloody murder. When Cathy arrives at the door, she finds Mark in the front yard engulfed in flames from head to toe.

Cathy has returned to Dunmore. she wants to put the past behind her and get on with her life with her son, Sean. There are two reasons why Cathy shouldn't have is named Jackson Perdue and the other is that there is a serial killer on the loose.

Jackson has also returned home to Dunmore. He has been offered a job working for the police department. His first case is stopping a serial killer. One that newspaper reporters have dubbed "Fire and Brimstone Killer", because the killer has taken it upon themselves to dish out God's punishment on clergymen who are anything but innocent.

It has been a little while since I have read a Beverly Barton novel. After reading her latest release Silent Killer, I am a 100% convinced that Mrs. Barton can not write a bad book. What I liked about this book is that even though there was clues given bit by bit of the identity of the killer, I still was comeplety surprised when the killer's identity was finally revealed. I love when this happens. This is hard to do as I am a big thriller fan.

There were some loose ends that involved some of the characters in the story. Luckily Mrs. Barton explained that this is because she has already been working on a new novel that will tie up all these loose ends. I can't wait. The killer may be silent but you don't have to by picking up a copy of this book to read for yourself.


Stephanie said…
This looks like a good thriller. Thanks for introducing it to us. :)
Cheryl said…
Laughing Star- Mrs. Barton is one of my fav thriller writers. Hope you enjoy her as much as I do
Anonymous said…
I'm a fan for thriller books. Thanks for sharing! Do they have Free Book Promotion

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