Misery Loves Cabernet

I want to thank Rachel with St. Martin's Press for sending me a copy of this book to review.

Charlize aka Charlie Edwards works as a personal assistant to one of Hollywood's famous movie stars, Drew Stanton. It is not as easy and glamorous as one would think it would be working for a celebrity, especially when that person is Drew Stanton. Luckily for Charlie, she has her two best friends, Kate and Dawn by her side.

Just when Charlie begins to believe everything is going good for her, someone throws her a curve ball. First the guy she is seeing Jordan is offered a job in Paris. He will be gone for three months. Charlie doesn't think it will work between them doing the long distance relationship thing but she gives it a try anyways. Then her boss gets fired from the movie he is starring in...all due to an incident involving a hippo named Ida and a movie producer's swimming pool.

When Charlie spots her crush, Liam O'Connor, famous movie producer at a Halloween party, all bets are off between Jordan and her. Besides the statistics involving couples and long term relationships are not very good.

Misery Loves Cabernet is a fabulous, wonderful, witty and charming book.I absolutely loved Charlie and all her friends. Charlie and her friends need to have their own television series. I would definitely watch it.

I couldn't put this book down, in fact this book is a one-sitter! When you meet all the people that Charlie has to put up with, it makes her seem normal and everyone else dysfunctional. There are so many favorite moments for me in this book. One of the best had to be towards the very end when Charlie's grandparents arrived in their Winnebago to spend Thanksgiving with the family. Charlie's grandmother presented everyone with a list of items that had everything from Yogi Berra to baseball strikes on it. The list involved things that no one can mention during the holiday season.

For other great moments like these, you have got to pick up a copy of Misery Loves Cabernet today.

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Anonymous said…
Sounds like a light-hearted fun read. Perfect for days like today.

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