Hanging out with Mr. Meier

As I said on the last post. I met Mr. Meier on Facebook. He is one of the nicest authors you will ever meet. I hope you all read his book.

I want to thank you for agreeing to let me interview you.

Please share with everyone about yourself.

I believe that without passion, you have nothing, and everyday I try to laugh, think and cry. After being diagnosed with Heart Disease almost three years ago, i've learned that life is very precious and you have to go after your dreams, as tomorrow isn't promised for anyone.

I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada and am looking to move back to California or abroad. I love to read, write and run, and my friends and family mean the world to me. As does my dog, Nia, the most beautiful dog in the world.

Do you have any type of morning routine?

Yes, i get up, get dressed and head to coffee, where i try to start writing every morning at 7AM till 11AM, then i take a break. I do this every morning, save for Saturday.

Do you prefer it to be quiet when you write or do you like to listen to music, etc?

I need music! I love it, and joke that the iPOD is the single greatest invention as it allows you to put together the soundtrack to your life, or at least playlists for whatever mood you happen to be in..or want to be in!

If you could save only three books from being burned, what three books would they be and why?

Milan Kunder, The Joke. It's a beautiful book that flows effortlessly and allows you to experience a true emotional roller coster.

Charles Bukowski, Pulp. It's raw and the Buk shows you that a great writer doesn't need to be flashy with words and their own vocabulary. Plus, he's able to write about everyday things, and just make you think, and usually laugh.

Bret Easton Ellis, Glamorama. Because it's so over the top, and the dialogue snaps. Plus, it's sexy, edgy and describes things in such a great way that you feel like you're there.

How did you come up with the concept of Katka?

I was living in Prague and staying at a Hotel one night when my girlfriend and i got off the elevator at the wrong floor and walked right into a Mail Order Bride conference. We were floored and after a few drinks had all kinds of jokes and ideas going.

I like the cover for Katka. Did you design it yourself?

No, i didn't, but i did have a bit of input in telling the design team to combine two different designs into that one. Yet, they deserve all the kudos. I think it's perfect for the story.

If Katka was to be made into a movie, who would play the roles of Gavin, Katka and Simona?

Great question, and that is the goal of Katka right now. But i truly feel like all these parts should be played by unknowns. And i especially feel like Simona and Katka, should definitely be played by Eastern European actresses! I say this because i think that each character is very strong and memorable, and could be a great launching pad for someone's career. And that's truly how i feel.

Your next book is titled Teaching Panda’s to Swim. Is this a fiction?

Yes, and it's hilarious. written very similarly but all comedy. it also takes place abroad, in Korea, and is a coming to age novel. it's very dear to my heart and a book that my brother said i should have published before Katka!

What has been the best thing to happen to you, since you have become a –published author?

The feedback from readers. I had one girl write me to tell me that she thought i was an inspiration, and that she planned on writing more, as she always wanted to. We now exchange emails about writing and i can see her fire really take hold. She's very talented.

Do you have any words of wisdom to share with the readers?

Follow your dreams, and don't give up. Sounds cliche, but it's true. You can walk away from them for awhile but then they will start to burn inside, and the fire will become too much. And just write everday, even if you don't like what you're writing, you're still writing. Someone once told me that the hardest thing about writing is writing. It's true! so just write...and who cares if it's good or bad.

You can check out more about Mr. Meier on his website


The Bookworm said…
great interview! what an inspiring author.

Literary Feline said…
I agree with, Naida. This is a great interview. And it has me even more interested in the book.

I can just imagine . . . stepping off the elevator and into a mail order bride conference. I never knew those sorts of events existed!

Thank you for sharing the interview.
Linda Jacobs said…
This sounds like an excellent book! And thanks for your great interview! It's always nice to get a look at an author.
Anonymous said…
What a great life philosophy Mr. Meier has. His next book sounds like a good read too, one I can share with my teenage son.

Thanks for bringing us this interview, Cheryl!
Holly said…
One of your interview questions inspired a post on my blog! Thanks!


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