The Vagrants

This story takes place back in the seventies. A time when China was dealing with the Tiananmen Square uprising.

The Gu family was like any other family. They lived good quiet lives in the town of Muddy River. That all changed ten years ago. The Gu’s daughter, Gu Shan, a free spirit was raised like anyone else in the beliefs of Communism and China’s leader, Chairman Mao. Shan started thinking for herself and renounced her beliefs in communism. Shan was taken away. That was ten years ago. During that time Shan sat in a cell never backing down from what she believed in. Shan’s arrest tore Mr. and Mrs. Gu apart. Mrs. Gu loved her daughter and never gave up hope that she would see here again some day. This was the complete opposite for Mr. Gu. He had already committed himself in coming to the reality that he no longer had a daughter.

Having never read anything by Mrs. Li, I didn’t know what to expect when I sat down to read The Vagrants. Let me tell you if you thought the cover was gorgeous then you are in for a great surprise. Yiyun Li incorporates her life experiences with enduring, heart-felt characters to end up with a finished product that is so spectacular that it is almost had to describe. I was honestly and truly spellbound by the simplicity of what we take for granted…our freedom. Shan fights for the same thing, only she is prosecuted for her efforts but was willing to die for them if the need arised. The Vagrants is one of the best books I have read thus far in 2009.

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Julie P. said…
I find books set in China to be fascinating!
Darlene said…
Wow this sounds fantastic. I've just recently read a few books set in China and loved them. I'll have to check this one out and yes it's an awesome cover.

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