The Kingmaking

The year was 450 in the Dark Ages of Britain.

Arthur Pendragon never dreamed that he would become heir to the throne of Britain as such a young age. After Uthr Pendragon passes away; Arthur learns that he is the next to claim the throne. Unfortunately it is not that easy. Arthur will have to fight for his place. You see as the Roman Empire was crumbling apart a vicious tyrant by the name of Vortigeru took control of the throne from Uthr. Now that Uthr has died, the people are ready for a new king.

Every king needs a beautiful woman by his side. Luckily there is just such a lady. Her name is Gwenhwyfar. Arthur and Gwen felt a mutual attraction to each other when they were younger. Now that they are older those feelings have not changed, even through people have tried to separate them. Gwen would gladly marry Arthur if he asked, that is exactly what Arthur plans to do. To his surprise he learns that Gwen’s father has promised her to another, which happens to be his enemy. Arthur and Gwen find themselves in a love triangle that consists of greed, betrayal, and honor.

The Kingmaking
is book one in the Pendragon’s Banner trilogy. I liked the concept of this new tale of Arthur and Gwenhwyfar. Like any one else, I can remember author pulling the sword from the stone and becoming king but other then this fact; there isn’t much else we know about Arthur. While I enjoy historical novels, The Kingmaking moved a little too slowly for me. I stumbled along a few times. Though I really appreciated the layout of this book, as it was broken up into sections. As each new section started, the year and month was stated so you could experience all the changes as the times moved.

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Anonymous said…
Excellent review, Cheryl! Thanks for the not much for historical fiction but this does sound interesting!
The Bookworm said…
great review cheryl! I just finished this one.
Darlene said…
Great reveiw Cheryl. I really loved this one-I like these chunksters that I can really sink into although I could have done without the battle scenes.
Anonymous said…
Good review. I rather liked the battle scenes, myself. Just goes to show how different readers' tastes can be. I think most people who enjoy historical romance will enjoy this one, if they like long novels that linger on the characters' inner reflections. My review is at
Teddy Rose said…
Really good review Cheryl. I really liked this book! The pages kept on turning for me. Too bad that didn't happen for you.

I will be doing an interview with Helen Hollick on March 6th, as well as a giveaway of the book.
Amy said…
nice review:)
i was thinking about getting this one, but changed my mind,

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