The Sunday Salon

I am pleased to share with you all a new author, I met on Facebook.

Gavin was just your typical American guy. He was good-looking, a smooth talker and very good with the ladies that is till he met the one. Her name is Katka. She is a beautiful woman, who hails from the Czech Republic. Gavin was tongue tied the first time he saw her. Soon after Katka and Gavin became an item.

Together Gavin, Katka and Katka’s friend, Simona come up with a brilliant idea to make some quick cash fast. They decide to start a mail order bride business. Business is booming. It seems these three have hit the jackpot. Like any business man, Gavin soon becomes greedy. He strikes a deal that involves Katka and a couple of men. Before Gavin can comprehend what he has done, Katka has disappeared. Will Gavin ever get a second chance to share with Katka his true feelings and make things right?

is a fast-pace, high intense thriller. I really liked the grittiness of this story…from the manipulative ways of Simona to Gavin’s heart-ache and despair. Mr. Meier did not hold anything back. I picked up this novel to start reading it and couldn’t put it down. Katka is a short read at only one-hundred and five pages but this book packs quite the whoop. Mr. Meier has definitely set the bar high for himself with his first book. Can’t wait to see what he brings to the table next.

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Thanks for introducing a new author. Seems good!

January was well...very productive
Sounds interesting! I read a lot of debut authors and find that most of the time, I really like their work. Thanks for the introduction!
Cheryl said…
Gautami- Glad I could introduce you to a new author. I love discovering new authors.

Lisa- I have really gotten into reading debut novels and enjoy them. I really like some of the small time publishers.

Naida- It is a good book
Anonymous said…
Glad I didn't delay in putting the Feb review post up! ;) You are super! Way to go.
Literary Feline said…
That's a great cover and the book sounds like a good one too. Thanks for the recommendation!
Wanda said…
Sounds like this book would be interesting and a fast paced read. I'd like to give it a try, thanks for the intro to a new author. :)
Anonymous said…
This looks like a great book! I love thrillers, so will definitely be checking this one out.

I'm reading an excellent spy thriller right now. Deadly Exchange by Geoffrey Gluckman, who's another new-to-me author. It's a real page turner as well, full of action, romance, and everything else that makes a great thriller.
Cheryl said…
Thanks Maggie. I wil have to check that book out.

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