The Shack

Mackenzie “Mack” Allen Philips had a beautiful wife, Nan and three wonderful children; Josh, Katie and Missy. They were a good Christian family, who said their prayers and went to church. They were not overly religious. Mack decided to go camping with his kids. Everything was great, except for the mishap with what started out being a good idea to make a pancake breakfast, ended up turning into cold cereal.

Mack and the kids were getting ready to pack up from their camping trip but Josh and Katie wanted to go canoeing one last time. Everyone was having fun till the canoe tipped over. Katie was fine but Josh had gotten trapped under the canoe. Mack jumped in and saved him. Though all the chaos, Missy was forgotten, till Katie asked where she was. No one can find her. The only thing left behind is a ladybug pin. At that point the police realize it is not good news for Missy. They inform Mack that there is a serial killer on the loose who takes little girls and the only clue they have to identify him is the ladybug pin he leaves behind.

Years pass and everyone is trying to move on with their lives. The one person Mack can’t forgive is God. He scorns him for not protecting Missy. Mack feels the need to revisit the camp grounds one last time. Once there, something amazing happens to Mack. He is visited by God. Mack and God end up spending the weekend together. What God has to show Mack will transform his life forever.

Mack is a good character. You could feel the emotions he experienced and so in turn this mad you want to get to know him better. I found The Shack to be a very enlightening and thought-provoking story. The type that really gets you stimulated about what were just read. The thing I found the most interesting was Mr. Young’s portrayal of Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and God. I started this book late last night and almost went without sleep to finish the book. WM. Paul Young should be applauded for producing such a wonderful novel.


The Bookworm said…
sounds very good, especially if you almost went without sleep to finish it!
great review.
LissaL said…
I enjoyed your review & the book as well.

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