Do you hear Voices?

Voices Under Berlin: The Tale of a Monterey Mary takes place during the Cold War back in the 50’s. At that time not only was there a war going on but there was also another operation in effect. It involved a tunnel operation manned by the CIA. This operation was known as the Berlin Tunnel operation. While the Berlin Tunnel operation was not the first, it was the most famous of the many tunnel operations.

The whole story centers on the men in the tunnels but in particularly three men. There names are Kevin, a Russian transcriber, Blackie, the blackmarketeer and Lieutenant Sheerluck, the martinet. The tunnels were used so that cable-taps could be used to listen to the Soviets. As you could imagine, sitting in the tunnels all day with not much to you, you quickly find ways to entertain yourself. That is exactly what these men did. Have you ever listened to phone conversations between Soviets? It can be very amusing.

I enjoyed all the illustrations depicted throughout this book. It helped to make a great imagine in my head. Mr. Hill really knows his facts. Voices Under Berlin: The Tale of a Monterey Mary is as close as you get to the real deal without being there at that exact moment. While I did find myself starting to skim over some of the reading, I would find myself drawn back in. I especially liked reading the phone conversations. They gave me a good laugh or two. Voices Under Berlin: The Tale of a Monterey Mary turned out to be a good spy novel.

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The Bookworm said…
not something i'd typically read, but it does sound interesting.
great review.

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