Hear my Cry for Justice

I am happy to host a new author to me...Jason Pratt. He is the author of Cry of Justice.

Cry of Justice is the story of a fictional world called Mikon. Right away from the beginning the story picks up instantly after a horrible international war that has left thousands of refugees fleeing from the Coastal States. They make their way into the vast dangerous wilderness of the Middlelands.

A small group of the survivors are lead be Commander Portunista. She is an innovative thinker and a maga. She dreams of seeking imperial glory for herself. Then there is Seifas, a hunter who’s best weapon is his poetry. Also thrown into the mix is Gaekwar, Othon, Dagon, Pooralay, and Bornas.

Portunista will try and lead them across the Middlelands safely, while trying to get to know her charges better. Though all of these people are different, there is one thing they have in common… that is the need to hunt for food, the increasing hunger to understand their new wealth of knowledge and mayhap the most important of all… the will to live.

Cry of Justice is the first book in this trilogy by author, Jason Pratt. While I found the premise for this book to be very intriguing, I found I had a hard time getting into it. It started out very chaotic. Right away there were all these different characters for me to identify very quickly. Even though there was a brief description of each of the main characters in the book, it did not really help me to understand what was happening. The storyline started with poetry then jumped to someone talking and finally the story seemed to start to reveal itself for me.

The story is really toward through journal entries made by each character, which I thought was a nice way to tell the story as it helped me get more personal with everyone. Except on the other hand I had an issue with the small print that was done for the journal entries. It was much smaller print than when the story was moving along. I am sure this was to help separate the storyline from the entries but it made it a little hard to read.

For anyone who enjoys a good fantasy, this is the book for you. What Mr. Pratt did reveal to me with Cry of Justice is that he is a good storyteller. I would try another one of his books down the road.

I would like to thank Tracee for letting me host Mr. Pratt


Jason Pratt said…
I have to say, that was the nicest 2-star review I've ever had! {gg!}

Seriously, though, thank you. I think Meghan at Chikune will end up with much the same review, too. (And bless her heart, I think I gave Stephanie at Book-a-holic a migraine... {lol!})

For what it's worth, Books 2 and 3 (Edge of Justice and Song of Justice) feature less and less (respectively {g}) of the subauthor concept.

Tracee said…
Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for hosting Jason on his virtual book tour!

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