Book Review: A Worthy Love


Publicly humiliated, Marisa Banks is blindsided by the news that the man she’s been dating for months is married. Being called names she wouldn't wish on anyone in front of a room full of people by her boyfriend’s wife is enough to shake her identity to its foundations. In an attempt to rebuild, she makes a few questionable decisions.

Asher Blaine is one of them. He’s intelligent and sexy, but the pedestal he’s got himself up on is unshakeable. Or so he thinks. Marisa asks for the one thing he can’t deny her, even if it’s the craziest thing he’s ever done.

She wants one night, his best eight hours. And damn if he doesn’t deliver. The next morning, her bubble is shattered by his loud mouth, and Marisa retaliates with a stiletto and a remote. The best night of her life is over, and she's more than happy to walk away a free woman.

Asher’s job sends him to Marisa’s city, and when they cross paths again, it’s Asher’s turn to make an offer. And just like him, she can’t refuse.

Will her worst nightmare and his complicated past ruin what they’re building, or can they lean on one another to make it through?

My Review

This is my third book I have read by author, A.E. Valdez. So, I knew what to expect but still I was surprised. I found this book to be the most humorous. The witty banter between Marisa aka Risa and Asher was very entertaining. The further I got into the story, the funnier it became. This is because these two started out as f*ckenemies but ended up as "the one" for each other.

With that much intensity between these two, it has to be released some way. That way was in the bedroom and everywhere else. As a romance reader who loves her stories extra spicy, i was very satisfied.

While, the story may have been about Risa and Asher, it was nice to connect with the past characters as well. At this point, we are all friends. A Worthy Love is a don't miss five star read!


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