Book Review: Bred: A Charity Anthology


A limited edition breeding anthology that you don't have to wait nine months for! Here's what to expect: a collection of both contemporary and fantasy/PNR stories featuring such things like forced breeding, age gap, forced proximity, omegaverse, monsters, darkness, and more! All the best elements that will have you begging to be BRED.

**Disclaimer: authors are not responsible for any baby fever surprises that might come from reading this book**


M.J. Marstens
L.V. Lane
Genni Bee
Tate Monroe & Rory Ireland
Kayla St James
Elizabeth Austin
Maggie Alabaster & Jo Bradley
TL Reeve & Michele Ryan
Laura Lovett
Kitt Lynn
J.M. Shipley

Review for The Omega Next Door by Elizabeth Austin

This story is a hot one. I love that while Cody and Ryder are Alphas, they were patient with Melody and were all about her needs just as much as theirs. Cody and Ryder are Ying and Yang. Yet, they are good together. The three of them are soulmates. 

I thought Cody was the good guy and Ryder having a bit more of the rougher side, but Cody surprised me. Let's just say that I won't be able to think of strawberry pie and blueberry smoothies without thinking of these two Alphas. 


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