Book Review: Lifeline


The Slayer.

It’s been a long time since my eyes have
feasted on such a beautiful sight.

Esmerelda Martin.

I’ve never been able to take it slow with her.
I’ve never been able to savor her like she deserves.
I’m too greedy. Too hungry.
A selfish man with a longing.
A craving.
Always eager for just one taste.

The only thing more addictive
than the blood running through her veins
is the pleasure I feel as she invites me in and
quickly lets me tear her apart.

She’s been expecting me just as much as I’ve anticipated her,
and I’ve waited centuries to feel her life in my grasp again.
I won’t let her deny me.

The coven doesn’t know our secret.
A promise several centuries old made in blood.

This time, the hunt, the chase doesn’t end until
she’s marked by me, claimed by me,
finally making her mine for eternity.

Kinks/Triggers include:
& the obvious Vampire/Slayer violence.
You’ve been warned!

My Review

Looking for a quick, steamy romantic vampire read, then you need to pick up a copy of Lifeline by Evelyn Montgomery. I definitely was getting Buffy the Vampire Slayer vibes and Interview with the Vampire for the dark vibes as well.

No matter how many centuries separate Felix and Esme, they will always find each other. Only each time that they do, their intimate connection grows even stronger. If I was going to have vampire lover, I would want it to be someone like Felix. Esme and Felix were truly meant to be together.

This book may be on the shorter side of Evelyn's books, but it is not lacking on the spice. Nope, she still brings the steam!


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