Book Review: The Vanishing


To save her best friend from the horrors of Nazi Germany, an invisible girl must embark on an utterly unforgettable journey of redemption and revenge. The Vanishing is fierce and loving, devastating and compelling, a breathtaking blend of history, fiction, and magical realism.

My Review

I have read a handful of books that featured the Holocaust. Which with present day, this book is appropriate to read. Although, sad to say this as it feels like we have gone back in time versus progressing and accepting everyone. 

Warning though as there are scenes that can be a bit graphic at times. However, it is nothing to shy away from as many did die. As a young girl I did feel bad for Sophie that she was witnessing all of these horrors as she tried to help her friend Giddy. Mr. Slater makes you really feel for Sophie and Giddy. Therefore, you will find yourself cheering for Sophie. 

I think it is books like this that need to be read to remember the past so that we don't repeat history. So, if you like reading stories in this time period, I would suggest picking up a copy for yourself. 


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