Book Review: B is for Bonnie


My Review
This is the first romance retelling that I can recall reading about featuring Bonnie and Clyde. I do think the author did a good job of turning this famous couple into more than just outlaws. With this retelling, it was not just about Bonnie and Clyde.

Bonnie was a wanton woman that had many male lovers. Of the other men, I did like Joe the most. This is because he was the other main male partner of Bonnie's. Yet, when it came to Joe, he really had true emotional feelings for Bonnie besides the physical ones. He treated her like a queen. Clyde was the opposite of Joe. He was rougher but this does not mean that Bonnie did not like this as well. Despite this, I actually was not such a fan of Clyde.

Regarding, the other men, they were not as prominent in the story. Which, none were together at the same time with Bonnie. That is what i expect from a harem story. So, I would not call this book a harem book. More of a romance thriller. The ending was a surprise.


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