Book Review: Wicked Girl


The murders may be over, but my heartache is back in full force, thanks to my mother and my own misgivings.

When I return to Winter Grove early and end up relying on the pack to help me out, I’m sure it’s a new form of torture. Instead, I find myself growing closer to August and Foster. I can’t help but think they’re dragging me deeper underwater, with no intention of letting me up for air anytime soon.

My Review

Now that Mercy has been accepted into Dorian's pack; the four of them have really been finding their groove together. With Vile Boys, the first book in this duet, I was a fan of Dorian. Yet, with this book, August and Foster get to shine more. Foster was the quieter one in the group in the first book, so he did not stand out as much. However, he got his turn, and I was a fan. However, August and Foster's relationship was good as well. 

It was great to see Mercy grow stronger as well. She is the right omega for these guys. She needed to be strong with another alpha looking to seek revenge on the group. Which as a pack, all of them...Dorian, August, Foster, and Mercy showed that they can't be beat. A really good conclusion to this duet. A bit sad to leave this group. 


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