Book Review: Her Favorite Brother


Mia Thorton is no good at playing wife.

When she meets her dangerous brother-in-law she knows she’s in trouble.

Giovanni’s eyes are set on her, and he won’t take no for an answer. Running from him sends her straight into the arms of her new and overprotective stepbrother.

Colton is irritating, sweet and more fun than she’s ever known.

It doesn’t take long to realize there’s no way to win this game.

But losing it could be just as rewarding.

My Review

Her Favorite Brother is a quick, spicy tasty morsel of a read! Author, Magdalin Laine said that this series is the soapiest of operas and she was right. While reading this book, it was like a soap opera playing in my head and I was here for it all. The drama, scandal, cheating, slow burn romance...Yes, Yes, Yes!

Mia may be young, but she is still a strong woman that is not afraid to have what she wants. What she wants is of the forbidden fruit variety. There is Giovanni, her husband's brother and Colton, her stepbrother. Boy oh boy what a twisted, hot dilemma Mia has found herself in.


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