Book Tour Review: The Cosmic Principle


When corruption surrounds her, she can either give in…
or fight.

One hundred years ago, a galactic cataclysm decimated the Centaurus galaxy, leaving only the planet Bersama unscathed—a world now divided into five struggling sectors.

Captain Caldera Keane, an explorer for the Vanguard, is growing tired of going on pointless missions ordered by the king of Tellis. The people are suffering, and she wants nothing more than to exact real change for Bersama. But when Caldera gets escorted to the palace after nearly botching her last mission, she is certain she’s in trouble. Instead, she receives shocking news: King Quill is dead, and she’s the sole heir to the unstable throne he left behind.

While balancing her new role as queen and contending with the corruption surrounding Bersama’s most powerful leaders, Caldera becomes entangled in a dangerous conspiracy related to the former ruler’s death. With no idea who she can trust, she must find a way to protect her friends, save her people, and uncover the truth before she suffers the same fate as the king.

My Review

I enjoy reading sci-fi books. Thus, the reason I wanted to check out this book. So glad that I did as I really enjoyed this book. The beginning was fine, and it did take me a little while to really get into this book but once I did, I was fully emersed in the adventure. Boy, did Caldera, Rennick, and the rest of the crew experience an adventure. They were constantly moving and therefore the story moved as well at a really good pace. 

There is romance between Caldera and Rennick that I liked a lot. Yet, there was a nice balance where their romance did not overpower the overall storyline. Which I was thankful as I was not really wanting a sci-fi romance read. Readers who are looking for their next book to read should pick up a copy of this book. I know I will read another one from this author. 

Thank you KatieandbreyPA for the book to read. 


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