Book Spotlight: Marks


Title: Marks
-Series Title: Standalone
 Supernatural Thriller
-Trigger warnings: Violence
-Comparable authors/titles: Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Jeff VanderMeer

Do his birthmarks expose a tortured past?

Visions of gruesome battles and heartbreaking deaths flare vividly in Mark Simbas’ mind. They haunt him, as he discovers that each vision corresponds to a birthmark on his body.

Dark reflections of the history he teaches at the local high school unnerve Mark when they appear in his own life— with imagery dating all the way back to caveman days.

When the people around him in small-town Tennessee begin to notice his oddities, and his pregnant girlfriend, Reya, finds herself at wit’s end, things turn into a tangle from which Mark must scramble desperately to escape... if he can escape at all.

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