Book Review: Human Hearts


A terrible battle rages between the humans and the Draco Sang, half human half beasts…

And the fate of mankind lies in the hands of three.

Jade. The emotionless killer. She's trained to find the weakest in the human army and slaughter them. But witnessing love and loyalty has her hesitating to wield her blood-stained sword.

Ferth. The son of a mighty Draco Sang chief. He's tired of fighting and wishes to find a place where he can finally lay down his sword. But there are enemies to face, slaves to free, and a father to battle.

Suza. A protector of liberty. She'll give her life to defend humanity. But when she loses her heart to a Draco Sang, she must decide how much she's willing to sacrifice for love.

For fans of The Kinder Poison and Rule of Wolves comes this epic conclusion to the award-winning Draco Sang trilogy.

My Review

The final book in this trilogy is here. Fans of these books will be sad but happy with this book. While everyone is back, this book really has three main POV voices in Jade, Ferth, and Suza. All three are tested. 

It was great to see Ferth and Suza grow so close with their relationship. Jade kind of became a favorite of mine. She may be an assassin who is supposed to be cool, but she has a lot of heart as well as being a fierce warrior. Strong female characters are always welcome. I am sad that this is the last time I will see this world and the characters, but they got their happy ending. I look forward to seeing what Mary comes out with next. 

These are fitting last words to the conclusion of this trilogy:

Let us carry the sacrifice on. Carry it on.

Grant us their mantel of honor that we might carry it ever onward.

Ever forever onward.


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