Book Review: The Chosen Sacrifice


WARNING: This book contains mature scenes, disturbing situations with abuse: physical, sexual, and emotional.  Strong language is frequently used, and a distorted view of religion. Multiple points of view.  Portions of the story are told from the serial killer, who is a deranged psychopath and twists religion to fit his needs.  Proceed with care!

For ten years, Tammy has been haunted by the murder of her sister.  Since then, her life’s mission has been finding justice for her sister and other victims alike.

 Last month, Tammy was stalked and escaped an attempted abduction, which has left her at the mercy of her anxiety.  In moments of distress, she knows the one person she can call.

James, her partner, doesn’t hesitate to show up when Tammy calls.  His protectiveness kicks in, knowing she’s struggling.  He can’t heal her past, but he can walk by her side.  

Once Tammy gets approval to officially open up the cold case for her sister,  the team is shocked to learn that evil is no longer cold, but rising in power and strength.

Emily, a psychic on the team, has dreams of the killer actively hunting.  

The killer has been sent on a mission, the order coming from the highest power.  He must rid women from their sin or send them straight to hell.

Will the women be saved in time, or will the Devil come up to snatch their souls?

My Review

This book may be the this in this series, but it can be read as a standalone novel. I really enjoyed this book. Once I started, I found myself reading for long periods of time. This is because I was drawn to the characters, specifically Tammy. What she experienced would drive anyone to go on a mission to bring their sister's killer to justice. I was rooting for Tammy the whole time that I hoped she would get justice for her sister. Where James is concerned, I am glad that he was there for Tammy. While I knew that their relationship would progress, it was nice to see that it was not within the first few chapters. There are mentions of women being tortured but the details are light and not graphic. Therefore, if you are ok with some light violence in stories, you will want to check out this book.

Preorder your copy on Amazon. Available July 23, 2022


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