Book Review: Two for Tripping


Awkward. Adrift. Alone.

Fresh out of college, Will Morrison finds himself at a loss. Graduating top of his class was all well and good, but with no idea of what to do next, it’s all meaningless, and his recent mistakes have put him on tenuous ground with his best friend and sister.

His championship hockey teammates are moving on without him, he has too many choices for what to do next, and no clue what makes his heart sing… Until a one night stand with a fiery red-head turns his world upside down. Quinn’s everything he’s not: outgoing, brave and driven.

Being with her shines a light on his dark side. But following the road to redemption means more than making amends with friends and family. Can he forgive himself, and accept that he doesn’t need to know the full path to take the first step? Or will his inability to love himself mean losing her, too?

My Review

I am a fan of this series. With each book I have grown to become more familiar with the characters as if they have been my friends for years. This newest book is no exception. It hits all the right elements...great characters, very good storyline, spicy romance, and HEA. 

In the beginning, I had mixed emotions involving Will. He came off a bit sad that I just wanted to give him a hug but than in the next moment he would say something that was a bit offense that I wanted to slap him. Yet, when I learned the true reason behind why Will acted the way he did, I got a new perspective on him that turned it all around for me. 

Where Quinn is concerned, I really liked her right away. She is fierce and compassionate. I like how she cared for Will. These two together were heating up the pages of this book. Two for Tripping scores a hat trick in my book!


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