Book Review: The Precious Jules



A deeply felt family narrative that examines the fine line between selfishness and what passes for love.

After nearly two hundred years of housing retardants, as they were once known, the Beechwood Institute is closing the doors on its dark history, and the complicated task of reassigning residents has begun. Ella Jules, having arrived at Beechwood at the tender age of eight, must now rely on the state to decide her future. Ella’s aging parents have requested that she be returned to her childhood home, much to the distress of Ella’s siblings, but more so to Lynetta, her beloved caretaker who has been by her side for decades. The five adult Jules children, haunted by their early memories of their sister, and each dealing with the trauma of her banishment in their own flawed way, are converging on the family home, arriving from the far corners of the country—secrets in tow—to talk some sense into their aging parents and get to the root of this inexplicable change of heart.

The Precious Jules examines the thin line between selfishness and what passes for love. This family story asks what is best for one child in light of what is perceived as the greater good, and just what is the collective legacy of buried family secrets, shame, and helplessness. The Precious Jules is a deeply felt family narrative that will make you fall in love with these flawed and imperfect characters standing on the threshold of an awakening they never expected.

My Review

This book is a very character driven story that will tug at your heart strings. I felt for Ella as well as her siblings and Lynetta. I was able to look beyond Ella’s mental and physical disabilities and see her as a person who wanted to live her life the best way she could.

When it came to Ella's wellbeing, I was conflicted a little in who was the best fit for Ella with either Lynetta or her family. I felt that Lynetta knew Ella better and was suited to care for her the best but on the other hand, I understood where her mom was coming from. I did not blame Ella's siblings Jax, Belle, George, Finney, and Tess for their feelings as well. 

After reading this book, I look forward to reading more books by author, Shawn Nocher. 


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