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Only the strong survive among the fae. Only the cruel.

Elara’s instincts have kept her alive despite the growing viciousness of the fae realm. Since the enchanted storm decimated her family seven years ago and forced her to care for her younger siblings, Elara craves an escape from the ghosts of her past.

When the charming general of the last human stronghold offers her the chance to act as a spy, Elara discovers a trail of embers and ash, along with her own awakening darkness. As the mystery of their enemy unravels, her yearning for revenge ignites. Elara must control her inner shadows and uncover the foe destroying their world or watch as the remaining cinders of humanity are extinguished forever.


“There was no light, no hope. Only the promising viciousness—the escalating fury—one the ravenous shadows remained.”

“I am the bringer, bearer, and executioner of my own fate. Unlike some, I do not expect the gods to hold my hand through life. They have far more important things to do.”

“Tomorrow, I would package my emotions up into the carefully constructed value they were used to residing in. But for now, I let each foreign feeling wash over me, drowning me with naïve desire

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