Book Review: Perfect Player


Bobby is the hottest player in the NFL, an infamous playboy known for breaking hearts… And Savanna’s pretend love interest for the next year.


When a star quarterback asks me to be his fake fiancée, the rules are simple: no strings attached and no catching feelings.

But I’m forced to get to know the man behind the rumors and learn there’s more to Bobby than perfect abs, a square jaw and azure blue eyes.

I’m in over my head, and I need to remember that it’s just a fake relationship and I’m only his PR strategy.


Focus, football, and one other F-word rule my life. The last one got me into trouble, so I hire a total dime to parade in front of the media.

But when she moves in with me, the line of what’s real and fake blurs, and our forced proximity drives me absolutely crazy.

We agreed to be together for one year, but I might just be in love with the girl.

My Review

I was first introduced to Bobby in book one, Perfect Alpha. I could not wait to know more about him and thus I was excited when I saw his story was next. This book did not disappoint. In fact, I have to say that it is probably the spiciest book I have read by Olivia. I am here for it. After reading this book, I needed a "cold shower". 

Savanna and Bobby were definitely heating up the pages of this book for sure. I could not get enough of these two. Bobby did change from playboy to dedicated boyfriend. Yet, one thing he did not change and that is his sense of humor. When it came to Savanna; I could see a little bit of myself in her. In the way she went from timid to a confident woman. If you are looking for your next "perfect" book to read, then you need not look any further than Perfect Player by Olivia Peters!


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