Book Review: Amante


I was raised in hell, brought up in darkness.
I’ve always ruled my own life.
Always held control.
After being held captive and left for dead,
I come home to continue my reign and
finally take Maria as my wife.
But when I find her sitting in my chair,
ruling over my kingdom, I’ll be damned if I speak first.
What’s more, she’s doing it with a fire in her eyes
that deserves to be beaten out of her
as I take her across my knee
and remind her who’s really in control.
Not just in this life, but over her body.
Her mind. Her pleasure, and her pain.
All she has to do is keep fucking tempting me.
Keep looking at me as if I’m the devil
and I’ll find great pleasure in watching
as she experiences a whole new level of hell.

My Review

Holy Cow! Where are my Mafia romance readers? This duet is for you. It features strong leading characters in Leo and Maria that only get stronger and kick some serious butt in this book. When I talk about butt kicking, I really mean Maria. Leo was already someone to watch out for, but Maria is not to be messed with when it comes to her family. 

Remember I asked where my Mafia romance readers were at. Well, this is because this is one steamy read. Those "scenes" had me really hot and bothered in a good way. I might have read them slowly to make them last longer. Readers who loved Leo and Maria in the first book will love this one. 


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