Book Review: Unveiled


Now that the veil has been lifted, all secrets have been revealed, or have they? A forgotten person from Valentino's past appears and is not happy about his new love while Felipe returns to finish the job he started.

New challenges present themselves as the forgotten past blends with the present, causing conflict in the privacy of the Greco household. Valentino and Isabelle must fight for their love or allow it to consume them both, destroying the foundation they have built.

Security is now tightened and a handsome bodyguard, Noah, has been added to the team. His job is to protect Isabelle at all costs, but he brings a shocking revelation no one saw coming.

This book contains mature themes: Graphic sexual situations and violence.

My Review

Valentino and Isabelle are back. I became familiar with these two in The Veil. My love for these two had really grown with this book. The first book was spicy but this one is a volcano. There is one more book to go in this trilogy and I can't wait to read it; especially after the cliffhanger this book ended with. 

It was great to revisit Valentino and Isabelle again. As I mentioned, a moment ago, I have really grown close to these two. This book had more suspense that I was all for. Although, I am wondering if Valentino and Isabelle will ever get their HEA. Yet, they are showing that they can battle anything that is thrown at them, and they are stronger together. My heart is happy with this latest book in The Veil Trilogy. 


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