Winter Cottage

My Review

This is my first time reading Mary Burton's alter persona, Mary Ellen Taylor. This "softer" side of Mary is nice. A very good change from the thrillers. Although, my favorite will be the thrillers. I enjoyed this book a lot that I will have to check out other books from this persona.

The duo storylines were good. Yet, I was more partial to the past time period of 1988 and Claire. Instantly, the emotional connection that I formed with Claire was strong. Whereas; with Lucy, it took a bit longer for me to warm up to her. However, as the story progressed and I learned her story, I did feel for her. The more I read; the more invested I became in the story as well as the characters. Thus, making this an easy and quick read. Mary Ellen Taylor pens a heart warming story that will touch readers in the heart with Winter Cottage!

A Note From the Publisher


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