50 Ways to Love Wine More

A wine book unlike any other, 50 Ways to Love Wine More is the most creative approach to knowing and enjoying wine to hit the shelves in a very long time. No one combines fun with serious, or education with enjoyment like author Jim Laughren. His love and appreciation for wine shines through on every page.

My Review

I am a wine drinker but I would classify my knowledge of wine as "casual". Meaning, I like to drink a glass or two of wine every once in a while but I don't have much knowledge of the wine. In this book, Mr. Laughren really dives deep into sharing his knowledge as well as providing the reader many elements of a really great bottle of wine.

For someone like me who has little knowledge, I found this book to be a wealth of knowledge as well as intriguing. It should be read as a study guide of sorts; instead of just powering through it from front cover to back cover.

There is so much to learn about wine from the grapes to the geographic locations, old world history vs. new world history, red vs. white, and even the glassware you drink from makes the biggest difference. I am lucky to live in an area with some of the best wine making vineyards. After reading this book, I am going to check into wine classes to learn more about wine as well as hosting a wine party with my friends so we can all discover different wines. This book will make the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life.


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