The Burn Zone

My Review

I have read several books now from people who found themselves in cults and escaping from this lifestyle. This type of lifestyle still puzzles but intrigues me as well. I have to say that this book is probably in my top three on cult life. It felt like Renee did not hold anything back. Like the other books it seems that the people who find themselves "sucked" into the cult life are at a vulnerable time in their life. This is when the leader and follows latch onto new people like "leeches".

When Renee did break away from this life, she did have a nice outlook . Plus, I did notice a change in her personality. It was like when she was in the cult she was not given a voice and she had lost her zest for life. However, when she broke free, she had found her voice as well as a clear voice. 

I loved Renee's response to when people ask her what her belief is. She replies "When you are walking toward fear and hate and judgment and condemnation and isolation, you are walking in the wrong direction. When you walk toward faith and love and community and acceptance and kindness and compassion, you are on the right path."


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