The Mansion


My Review

I had this book on my tbr list but bumped it up when a fellow reader raved about this book. Thus, I could not want to read this book. The story started out fine. The author did a good job of describing the dynamic relationship that Billy, Shawn, and Emily shared together. It was a bit of a tangled web.

In the beginning I got an idea of just what type of AI, Nellie was when the construction workers were sharing stories of incidents that had taken place while building the mansion. However, there was not enough Nellie for me. She appeared when Billie arrived in the house. The way she interacted with him versus with Shawn; did tell me that she had a "crush" on Billie. Yet, other mysterious events did not transpire until later in the book. I do agree that the idea of an AI controlled house is not ideal. Example: I read an article where an Alexa device turned on by itself and started playing music. The problem is that it was about 2 am and the owners were not home. The police were called where they broke the door down because no one was home.

This book for me did not hit the "sweet" spot like my friend. However, there was something there within the pages of this book that did have me intrigued. I would read another book from this author.

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