Wallflower in Bloom is a summer read that blooms to a perfect ending.

Deirdre Griffin has the job that lots of women would kill for. Deidre is manager for her brother, Tag. Tag is a famous guru. Women all over are falling for Tag and his words of wisdom. Deirdre is meeting with an event manager for her brother, Tag. While at the hotel, Deirdre receives a unexpected surprise. A man walks into her hotel room, whie Deirdre is in a stage of undress with her granny panty style under wear, brushing her teeth, looking like a rabid dog foaming at the mouth. As if things could not get worse, the man is drop, dead handsome. The man is none other than Tag's friend, Steve Moretti and he is standing right in front of Deirdre.

I never read Must Love Dogs but I did see the movie adaption from the book and thought the movie was funny. I knew that I had to give Ms. Cook a chance but just never found the time until now. OMG...Wallflower in Bloom will have you laughing and crying at the same time. The words of wisdom that Tag would impart was hiliarous. It would make me do a double take and sometimes go "huh". Of course, sadly but after you reading the saying again and thought about it, it made sense in a round about way.

I wanted to hate Tag because he seemed so self-centered but at the same time, he was kind of ike a lost, sad puppy, who you could not stay mad at for very long. Deirdre was fun but she was like a wallflower. You would not remember her in a crowd. However, she did blossom in the end but very slowly. I wanted her to make a bigger transformation. One let down that I did have with this book was that I thought there would be more dancing or at least more focus on DWTS than there really was. Deirdre was suppose to have this dream of being a dancer but I did not get to see her dance but once during the living show and in practice. RIP...Fred and Ginger...may they live in the great big ocean of life. Wallflower in Bloom is a summer read that blooms to a perfect ending.


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