Off Balance scores gold!

With the Summer Olympics 2012 fast approaching, this is the perfect time to get to really know a past olympic superstar, Dominique Moceanu in Off Balance. Readers will remember Dominique as she was a member of the 1996 Women's Olympic Gymnastics team known as the "Magnificent Seven". People know Dominique as one of the greatest gymnastics but what people probably don't know about Dominique is the person, mom, wife, sister, and daughter. In Off Balance Dominique shares a personal look at her life growing up, how she discovered her passion for gymnastics, making the olympic team and finding out she had a sister.

This is a great memoir. I tend to usually stay away from memoirs, only because I don't really want to read about other peoples lives unless it is omeone that I really like. Only because if I find out things I do not like or find the bookk to be dry, then it takes away some for me on that person. None of this was the case with this book. I liked that Dominique made sure that the readers got to know her parents as they are an important part of the story. Dominique could have just briefly glossed over who they were and just focused on her gymnastic career but she did not.

Jennifer was great. I like that Dominique was her idol and the reason why she wanted to do gymnastics. I would have liked to get to know her better in this book but what I did get to learn of her, I thought she had a great personality. Wow, what Dominque had to endure during her grueling training sessions with Bela Karolyi was amazing. It paid off in the end. Although, a sad time for someone as young as Dominique to have to deal with for a coach, even if he was one of the best. I read this book in one sitting. Off Balance scores gold!


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