The Good Dream has heart and soul.

Ivorie lived with her parents until their death. Now it is just her and her dog, Sally. This is on for Ivorie as she does not need a man as she is doing just fine on her own, despite what everyone else may think. Things are going well, Ivorie has started a garden. Ivorie starts to notice beans, tomatoes and other veggies missing form her garden. At first Ivorie thought it was Sally but then Ivorie catches her bandit in action. It is a little boy. Ivorie takes the boy into her home. Soon the whole town learns of Ivorie and the boy. Where did the boy come from and who are his parents? Can Ivorie gain the family that the dreamed of.

Donna VanLiere is a new to me author. After reading this book, I plan to go back and check out Donna's prior novels. The Good Dream has heart and soul. The characters in this book are ones that readers will come to love. Ivorie is strong and has a good heart. She is approachable and this is just the type of person I look for in a story like this..character driven. The Boy spoke lots of depths, even though he did not really speak in this book. The boy grew on me and I felt for him. Be warned once you start this book, you will have a hard time putting it down. I know I enjoyed this book. It is a summer read not to be missed.


Harvee said…
Thanks for the review. I will have to pick this book up off the shelves and get to reading it. Glad to know you liked it.

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