Jasmine Nights is a intriguing, fun, enjoyable read!

Saba Tarcan is a singer. She leaves home and auditions for ENSA aka Entertainments National Service Association. Saba becomes the newest member of ENSA. ENSA travels all over entertaining wounded soldiers with their shows. This is a big opportunity for Saba as she has never traveled the world.

Dom Benson is a fighter pilot. Dom is recovering in a hospital after being wounded in combat. It is in the hospital that Dom first meets Saba and hears her voice. She was filling in for a fellow singer. Dom and Saba share a instant connection. Although, Saba starts off their relationship slow. As time passes and with each new location, Dom and Saba's relationship blossoms.

Saba gets an exciting opportunity to assit the British Secret Service. There will be danger.

I liked this book. I thought that Saba and Dom made a cute couple. I do mean cute. Their relationship to me seemed more on the sweet side then the spicy side. While, I don't always have to have spicy, I would have liked it to be more, only for the fact that it would have helped with the story. The story was intriguing but it felt like it was slow moving otherwise. I wanted to get to the "meat" of the story, where Saba helped become a spy for the British Secret Service. This did not happen until the last half of the book. Although, the locations that Saba and Dom travelled to in this book were amazing. I did feel like I was right there with them. I did find the concept that women back then were used as spies during the war an very intriguing story. I was glad to see that Saba was a strong female character. I would have had a harder time believing her story if she was not strong. Jasmine Nights is a intriguing, fun, enjoyable read!


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