The Next Best Thing gets a call back from me!

Ruth Saunders lives with her grandma. Ruth is a writer. She has been writing a script for a television show titled The Next Best Thing. Ruth gets the call. The one that will either make or break her. Ruth scores! She and her grandma are moving to Hollywood. Ruth has gotten the green light to produce her television series. While Ruth is busy trying to make her dreams a reality, her grandma is getting paid as an extra.

I was not one of the viewers that watched State of Georgia, Mrs. Weiner's short lived television series. However, after reading Mrs. Weiner's latest release, The Next Best Thing, I have to say that I do feel sorry for anyone who has written and piloted a television series to a major network. It is not an easy task. Us the viewers only see the finished product and don't really know all the grueling details that it takes to make and produce a television series. Only to have the network exectives want to mold the writer's vision into what they feel we the viewers want to see or what they want to see and can show on television. It is no wonder that so many shows are canceled early on. Of course, there has to be this process but you would hope that there could be more of a happier medium.

For me Ruth's Grandma kind of stole the show for me. She just rolled with the punches. One thing that I wished Ruth would have done more. Although, I could undestand why Ruth may not have been able to do so as she had so much pressure to write and produce her television show. The rest of the characters were just alright for me. I did not really connect with them but they did keep things entertaining at least. Why I did like this book, it started off a little shaky and slow for me. Although, once the story did get gooing, I had a nice time. I liked Mrs. Weiner sharing the life behind the camera. The Next Best Thing gets a call back from me!

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