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Lanore and Luke are back. They are attending the much anticipated museum exhibit titled "Lost Treasures of the Nineteenth Century". The exhibit is courtesy of Lanore. She is the mystery donor. While attending the exhibit, Lanore experiences a sharp, tingling pain. She knows instantly that it is Adair. This is not good news for Lanore as she was the one that put Adair away for what she thought was a very long time.

Adair escapes his prison, only to learn that the world his once knew has changed a lot. First off people use computers to communicate with each other and two to purchase anything plastic as in credit card is the way to go. Adair has to learn to navigate the new world, while trying to find Lanore. It won't be eary but that is ok as Adair has time. Once Adair finds Lanore, he will make her pay dearly for betraying him.

The Reckoning is book two in The Taker trilogy. I would suggest starting with The Taker. This is a trilogy where it is character driven. While, I could not wait to read this book, I did feel like it took me a little longer to jump right back into it. Lanora and Luke's relationship was more on the quiet side this time. I found Adair to have a stronger presence in the story. However, his and Lanore's reunion was short lived and I wanted more. The flash backs did not always seem to come at good times for me or it could be I wanted to hurry along the story to read faster. Overall, not a lot of action but still enjoy this trilogy. I am excited to read the third book and Adair's story of his life.

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