Dog on the Roof is an adult's children's book.

As the presidential elections are in the fore front of everyone's mind this year, this is the perfect time to get to know one of the strong contender's Mitt Romney and his family including one of the important family members...Seamus Romney aka the family dog. Mitt decides to pack up the family and travel across the USA. Everyone is going including Seamus. Only Seamus has a front row seat on top of the family car. The family travels to South Dakota, to California, to every place in between and finally Washington, D.C.

I liked the illustrations. They were colorful, detailed, and really helped portray the story. Seamus really stole the show for me in this book. The comments and expressions he made were priceless. Each state's talent or famous landmark that the state was known for was featured. Of course, why Mr. Kluger and Mr. Slavin had great fun pocking at different aspects in the book like rhyming, you can not help but pick up on Mr. Romney's pollitical views in this book. You will either like Mitt Romney or not but I can guarantee that you will love Seamus and this book. Dog on the Roof is an adult's children's book. Dog on the Roof gets two paws up!


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