Every Day, Every Hour

In Croatia, Luka is being born. He comes into this world a small, fragile boy. Unlike, Dora, who comes out screaming to the world that she has arrived. Luka grows up a quiet boy. He likes to paint. Dora was born to mark and leave her makr in the world. The first day of school is the day that she first saw Luka. He was watching her. Suddenly, he fainted. Dora knew just what to do. She marched over to Luka, kissed him and whispher, "You are my sleeping beauty, only mine, wake up, my prince, you are my prince, only mine."

From that day forward, Luka and Dora were inseperatable. That is until Dora and her family moved. Years passed before Dora and Luka would see each other again during Luka's art exhibit show in Paris. Dora and Luka was to be together but there are other forces tearing them apart.

I really, liked this book. It was like watching a tragic, love poem. Play out in a movie. Dora and Luka were made for each other. Just like the towns folk, I was in awe of Dora and Luka and just knew they were meant to be togerther. Sadly, people were trying to tear them apart. I could understand why. Dora was stronger then Luka and she could overpower him. She was like a intoxiating poison that you know you would stay away from but can not stop yourself from letting it get into your system. Another element that I loved about this story was the location, Croatia. There was just something about this area that helped make the story. Also, the characters all came alive, not just Dora and Luka but all the secondary ones as well. This is why I became so invested in Dora and Luka's story and lives. I thought that Liesl Schillinger did an amazing job translating author, Natasa Dragnic's words into this book.


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