Shadow's Edge

For years, Jenna has been on the run. She can remember when she was a little girl and her mother told her that she was special and when "they" came for her that she should be prepared. Only Jenna did not know who "they" were.

Jenna's twenty fifth birthday is approaching. While at the grocery store, Jenna feels a strong presence. It is he, the one with the piercing eyes. He has found her. Jenna knows she should run but she is tried of running. She is making a stand. Although, it could be the wrong move.

This is the first book that I have read by author, J.T. Geissinger. After reading this book, I will have to check out more of her work. There was not a lot of romance happening in this book but that was fine by me. Jenna was a strong female persona that if she had fallen for Leander right away, I would not have believed it. The whole sexual tension and cat and mouse game was fun to watch. When Jenna and Leander finally did the deed in the last third of the book, it was steamy, just like I expected it would be.

Every time that Jenna would challenge Leander, I got a smile on my face. He needed someone like Jenna. What I liked most about this book was the concept. The fact that the characters are not just shape shifters but ones that can transform into vapor. Like clouds of mist, they are not just tied to turing into panthers. I can not remember a book that I have read recently hwere the shape shifters could turn into vapor and float around. I would have to say this book was on the edge of being urban fantasy then paranormal. It was a little on the dark side (which I enjoyed) and had some adult like content. So for the teen readers, I would suggest the reader by like sixteen and older. I hope there will be more books. I would like to see Leander's brother, Christian gets a feature.


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