Friday, October 30, 2009

Book Sweepstakes

New from St. Martin's Press is #1 New York Times bestselling author, Sherrilyn Kenyon's 3-book series, 'The League'! With over 19 million books in print, Sherrilyn Kenyon is renowned the world over as "the reigning queen of the paranormal genre that she pioneered long before the world had heard of Twilight." The second book from 'The League' series, 'Born of Fire', will be available November 3rd, 2009.

In celebration of 'Born of Fire', St. Martin's press is holding a book sweepstakes for your readers to enter - winners receive a free copy of 'Born Of Fire'! Here is the link for the 'Born of Fire' sweepstakes offer:

Its Prime Time!

Hank Phillippi Ryan wrote Prime Time and Face Time both in 2007. Both these books were re-released with new book covers along with Air Time, the third Charlotte McNally novel. Just like Hank, Charlotte McNally is a television reporter for Channel 3. She always gets the top stories but being number one comes with a price. Charlotte finds herself not only reporting the news but being the news as well.

Channel 3 has been reporting the story of the missing disappearance of Bradley Foreman who worked at Aztratech Pharmaceuticals. A new development has caused this story to have a sad ending. Mr. Foreman’s car was found. He had run off the side of the road. The authorities have categorized his death as a suicide. Charlotte does not by the suicide story, especially since she received an email from Mr. Foreman before his death. He was trying to tell her something about Aztratech Pharmaceuticals but what?

These books can be read separately. In fact I started with Air Time and am now working my way backwards. Charlotte is quick on her feet and sharp as a whip. She calls the shots. Beware if you follow in her footsteps as she stirs up trouble everywhere she goes. As much as I like this book, there is something that about these books where I never really got up to full speed with the intensity levels. Whether it be from a lack of ok characters or an alright storyline. I don’t know but either way I still do plan to read Face Time.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Soul to Save

Kaylee Cavanaugh has a special ability about her. She can see when someone around her is going to die. That person gets a dark aura around them and soon after they die. The strangest thing happens to Kaylee, when someone dies. Kaylee’s body seizes up and she gets the sudden urge to scream. Kaylee’s latest episode takes place at the bar in front of Nash.

Kaylee likes Nash but she isn’t sure she can trust him with her secret. Besides it seems that Nash has a secret of his own.

My Soul to Take is the first book in the Soul Screamers series. A brand new series by Rachel Vincent. It is also the first teen novel she has written. I first discovered Ms. Vincent with her highly popular shifter series. Every one of her shifter books is a favorite of mine. So when I learned that Rachel was starting a teen series, I just had to check it out. I have to admit that I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this series. Both the characters and the plot were good but it wasn’t as intense as the shifter series. I waivered back and forth about this book and it took me till about the end to realize I really did enjoy this book. Kaylee is just coming into her abilities. I hope to really experience all that she can do in My Soul to Save.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'll Take a Community With That Book, Please!

I want to thank Caitlin with FSB Associates for letting me share this atricle that her boss and founder of FSB Associates wrote.

I'll Take a Community With That Book, Please!By Fauzia Burke

With today's search empowered readers, do we need to market and publish books differently? Does general publishing makes sense in an age of Google searches, micro communities and niche marketing? Today's readers are tech savvy and resourceful. They know how to get the information they need and have higher expectations from publishers and authors. They don't just expect a book, they expect a community with their book. I often hear publishers say that there are "very few brands in book publishing." But to thrive in today's competitive, niche markets, perhaps brands are exactly what we need. What readers choose to read is personal and an extension of who they are. Shouldn't their book choices be supported by a publisher, a brand that is invested in their interests? Many small publishing companies have done an enviable job of branding themselves and building reader communities around their books.

Take O'Reilly, TOR and Hay House. You may not read their books, but you know what they publish. Their communities trust them. People who share their point-of-view flock to their lists. These companies publish for a niche community, and are trusted members of their community. They provide extra resources, and often their authors are members of the community itself. TOR has even launched a bookstore to meet their readers' needs. These publishers show passion for their books and an understanding of their readers, and as such their readers reward them with loyalty.

Publishing books for the communityBesides reader loyalty, publishing for micro communities may have other long-term benefits as well. For example, the focus would help publishers save money on marketing. Marketing through online communities is less expensive and much more powerful than trying to reach the general public and hoping to find the right match.

The publisher's Web site wouldn't have to cater to a wide variety of people, it would be designed to serve the needs of a small group. Instead of expensive advertising, they could announce the book to the community that has already bought into their brand. Publishers and authors could enlist the support of the community to spread the word (which will always be the most efficient method for marketing books.)

The logo on the book spine would mean the readers have a promise that the book is worth reading. The readers would know that the publisher looked at over a thousand manuscripts all on the same topic and is offering them the very best. So are large, general publishers at a disadvantage with today's search-empowered, community oriented readers? I think so. General trade publishing is for everyone, yet there is no "everyone" out there. Readers are part of micro communities. They want good books, and they need publishers who will support their interests and passions.

The bottom line is that publishers and authors need to evolve their marketing and publishing strategies to accommodate for a new kind of reader. A reader whose expectations demand more interaction and community. A reader whose loyalty you can have once you have earned it. A reader who wants more than a 6 week marketing campaign so you can sell a book. This new reader requires an investment of months and years. Is that too much to expect? Perhaps. But this is your new reader, and she will stay with you if you stay with her. Stay tuned for Web marketing tips in future weeks, or follow FSB on Twitter to see our results in real time:
©2009 Fauzia Burke

Author BioFauzia Burke is the Founder and President of FSB Associates, a Web publicity firm specializing in creating online awareness for books and authors.
For more information, please visit

How to Catch and Keep a Vampire

Check out this book's website

My review:

Have you ever been so obsessed over the undead that when you watch a movie or TV show with a vampire in it that you wished you were the girl being devoured by the vampire?

Well cheer up as there is a book for you. It is called How to Catch and Keep a Vampire. If you ever dreamed or imagined yourself with a vampire than you should check this step by step guide. After reading it you will wonder why this book wasn’t written sooner. Though I do have to warn you that this guide may burst some of your bubbles as this author, Diana Laurence debunks myths about vampires.

I liked this book. It was witty, charming, insightful, and an all around how to guide that you can really sink your teeth into! How to Catch and Keep a Vampire isn’t just a step by step guide that you just read and try on your own. No, author Diana Laurence has first hand experience on dealing with the undead and she shares with the readers the do’s and don’ts of being with a vampire. She breaks this book down into easy to follow chapters with case studies and questions and answers at the end of each chapter. I suggest you pick up a copy of this book today. What do you have to lose…other than a few hours of sleep.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Life is difficult enough, when you are sixteen. It is even harder if you are Aden Stone. Aden is host to four souls. One can time-travel, one can raise the dead, one can tell the future and one can possess another human. As much as it sounds cool to be able to do all these things, it can have its draw backs like…all of a sudden being transported back in time to a younger version of yourself or being able to predict when a loved one or friend will die. Though all these things are as bad as having all four voices speak to you at the same time.

Mary Ann Gary is the new girl in town. From the first moment she meets Aden, she senses something special about him. It isn’t only Aden who is special. Being around Mary Ann makes all the voices in Aden’s head stop talking. Mary Ann better watch it as another girl has stepped into the picture. She is a vampire princess and she wants Aden.

I thought this wasn’t a pretty good book. Though I would have liked to have seen Aden do more with all the different souls and their abilities they possess. Hopefully, this will take place in the next book. What I enjoyed is that the main character Aden is a boy. Author, Gena Showalter could have gone with the obvious and made the main character a girl but she didn’t. In fact what I felt she did was made Aden and Mary Ann Gray kind of the misfits in the story but on the same hand people who if they knew the truth would want to be them. Intertwined is a good teen choice, for those who are paranormal obsessed.

The Creed of Violence

Rawbone was as tough as they got. He killed his first man at the age of ten. Rawbone gets caught by the Bureau of Investigation, haling a truck load of weapons. In exchange for not being prosecuted and having his slate wiped clean, he agrees to help the Bureau take down the ring leader.

John Lourdes works for the Bureau. When John’s boss assigns John the responsibly of accompanying Rawbone across the Mexican border, John is anything but thrilled. Though John is a good agent and will do whatever the job entails. Besides this will give John a chance to get to see who his father really is. Yes, that is correct…Rawbone is John’s father. Only Rawbone doesn’t know this fact.

First off let me tell you that I had no expectations of whether I would like this book or not. Well I am happy to report that I not only enjoyed this book but that I read it in one sitting! The Creed of Violence reminded me of a Quentin Tarantino movie. Which this book is going to be made into a movie. The dynamics between John and Rawbone had good depth and range. In my opinion The Creed of Violence is what good western novels should be like…simple, great characters, and a good story line. One thing that did throw me off track at first was how Mr. Teran identified John and Rawbone as “the father” and “the son”. Though this did help play a part in explaining the relationship between John and Rawbone.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Flesh and Fire

Book Description

From acclaimed bestselling author Laura Anne Gilman comes a unique and enthralling new story of fantasy and adventure, wine and magic, danger and hope....

Once, all power in the Vin Lands was held by the prince-mages, who alone could craft spellwines, and selfishly used them to increase their own wealth and influence. But their abuse of power caused a demigod to break the Vine, shattering the power of the mages. Now, fourteen centuries later, it is the humble Vinearts who hold the secret of crafting spells from wines, the source of magic, and they are prohibited from holding power.

But now rumors come of a new darkness rising in the vineyards. Strange, terrifying creatures, sudden plagues, and mysterious disappearances threaten the land. Only one Vineart senses the danger, and he has only one weapon to use against it: a young slave. His name is Jerzy, and his origins are unknown, even to him. Yet his uncanny sense of the Vinearts' craft offers a hint of greater magics within -- magics that his Master, the Vineart Malech, must cultivate and grow. But time is running out. If Malech cannot teach his new apprentice the secrets of the spellwines, and if Jerzy cannot master his own untapped powers, the Vin Lands shall surely be destroyed.

In Flesh and Fire, first in a spellbinding new trilogy, Laura Anne Gilman conjures a story as powerful as magic itself, as intoxicating as the finest of wines, and as timeless as the greatest legends ever told.

Book Trailer

The Dred Scott Story

“Am I Not a Man?” This may probably by one of the most famous lines spoken in history. This line came out of the mouth of Dred Scott. He was a black slave. Dred first won his freedom and the freedom of his wife and than later they lost it.

Dred Scott fought to regain his freedom, stating “Am I not a Man?” He took his fight all the way to United States Supreme Courts. This lawsuit would be known as the Dred Scott Decision. A decision made by the Supreme Courts that any African descent living as a slave had no rights as a US citizen. Dred Scott would lose his case but he would pave the way for one of the biggest changes that would rock history. Dred Scott’s story struck a heart string with President Abraham Lincoln who created the emancipation proclamation.

I had never heard of Dred Scott till I read this book. I found his story to be amazing. He never gave up, even when others turned their backs on him and shunned him. While I did like this
book, I do have to admit that there were times when the story line and characters would pull me in and than other times when I would lose interest and start skimming the pages. Though I do have to say that if you are looking for something interesting to read than this book is a quick read.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Fury

Reporter Henry Parker is back. This time he may have found himself in a way over his head.

Henry was leaving the office, when he was approached by a drug junkie. The man tells Henry…” The city’s gonna burn.” Henry may have given the guy a chance if he hadn’t been a junkie. That evening, Henry receives a phone call from the authorities. They want Henry to come down and identify a body. It is the same man who Henry ran into earlier today. His name is Stephen Gaines. Supposedly Mr. Gaines is Henry’s half-brother.

This comes as a complete surprise to Henry. There is only one was to solve this mystery. Henry will have to contact his estranged father. It seems though that Henry isn’t the only one who wants to contact Henry’s father. The authorities believe that Mr. Parker killed Mr. Gaines. It is up to Henry and his lover, Amanda to come to the aid of Henry’s father.

Another good read by Mr. Pinter. The Fury is the fourth book in the Henry Parker series. This is one of my favorite series currently out in the market today. Henry Parker is a lovable character. He may be cut throat but than hey…what news reporter isn’t? What I like about Henry is that he is personable. Everyone around Henry would consider him a friend. From page one the action never lets up till the very last page. The ending was a bit of a cliff hanger…leading up to the next book, titled The Darkness.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Over the Holidays

My review:
Vanessa Clayton and her husband, JT are struggling a little this holiday season. So they have decided to not travel to his sister’s place for Christmas but instead stay home and celebrate with their twin boys.

Every year Patrice holds an open house and decks out everything for the holidays. She goes a little over board. This year her family stands up and says…enough. Since no one is coming for the holidays, Patrice and her family decide to go to them. They pack up and head to California for Christmas. Though there won’t be any white Christmases this year.

To be honest, I didn’t really care for this book. I didn’t find any common ground with which I could relate to the characters. This in turn caused me to lose interest quickly. Besides, the fact that I found most of the characters to be really whiny and self absorbed in their own problems. Vanessa had this attitude against her sister-in-law. I mean I could see why but I felt like it was Christmas and everyone should try to put their differences aside for one time and enjoy each other’s company. For fans of chick-lit you might like this book. Sadly to say that Over the Holidays did not win me over.

Ms. Taken Identity = giveaway

I want to thank Tooraj with TK Public Relations for sending me a copy of this book to review as well as Hachette for hosting the giveaway.

My review:

Mitch Samuel has just had the worse day of his life. He was dumped by his girlfriend. Mitch was at home when his girlfriend, Hannah comes walking through the door. You might wonder well I don’t see a problem with his girlfriend coming in? It is a huge problem; when she has just returned from visiting her sister and you were suppose to pick her up at the airport. Next Mitch receives rejection upon rejection on his literary piece for his PhD.

Mitch is ready for something good to start happening to him. He stops off at Bookzilla to pick up a magazine when in rushes a reporter for Channel Five. Mitch asks what all the commotion is about and learns it is because the queen of chick-lit, Katharine Longwell has come to town for a book signing. Mitch picks up a copy of Ms. Longwell’s latest novel. He takes it to the Star Bucks to check it out. A chance meeting with Katherine Longwell has Mitch making up a story about a supposed Cousin Bradjolet “Bradley”. Cousin Bradley wants to be a famous writer like Katherine. Katherine offers to read anything Cousin Bradley has. She gives Mitch her personal cell phone number. It is after Katherine leaves that Mitch comes up with the brilliant idea of writing a chick-lit novel. How hard can it be?

What first drew me to this book was the cover. It jumped out at me. Usually book covers don’t play a big part in my book selection. Then when I read the summary for this book I thought this should be a good, funny, chick-lit story. Unfortunately, something happened and this book totally missed the mark for me. I felt Mitch was a little self-absorbed and a jerk. He is very condescending. This turned me off from Mitch and made me not really want to read the book but I did just so I could see how it ended. One thing is though, I actually didn’t laugh that much. Overall, I give Mr. Begley kudos for trying by making his first novel a chick-lit.

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When Autumn Leaves

I want to thank Vida with Overlook Press for sending me a copy of this book to review.

My review:

Nestled in a small town off the coast of British Columbia is a place called Avening. The residents here have something special. There town is filled with magic and just near the outskirts of town lies a portal to another world. Avening is also the place where Autumn Avening calls home.

Autumn runs a new age shop called Demeter’s Grove. She is also a member of the Jaen sisterhood. One day Sister Neal brings Autumn news that she has been promoted within the sisterhood. While Autumn is excited, she is quite ready to give up her duties, though she made a vow and she has to keep it. One plus is that Autumn gets to choose her replacement. She decides to make it into a competition. Who will Autumn choose? Will it be Ellie Penhaligan the shy newspapers reporter, who has the ability of invisibility? Or will it be Stella Darling, the brash loud mouth…or how about Piper Shigeru, mother of two?

When Autumn Leaves is author, Amy S. Foster’s debut novel. Ms. Foster is a talented songwriter, so I was excited to see what her first novel would be like. While I didn’t fully love this book, I did think Amy did a gallant effort with her first novel. I was expecting more magic to be performed in this story. Also, I felt like the first half of the book moved a little slow as it explained and talked about the different characters before I got to the meat of the story. My favorite character was Ellie. She was sweet and innocent. It was nice to see her grow as the story progressed. When Autumn Leaves did leave me wanting to see what Amy S. Foster comes up with next.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Talking with Dr. Robert Greer, author of Spoon + Giveaway

I want to thank Erin for letting me be a part of this tour and well as to Dr. Greer for allowing me to interview him.

I want to thank you for allowing me this interview with you.

First of, Can you please share with the readers a little about yourself.

I was born in Columbus, Ohio, and raised in Gary, Indiana. I attended college at Miami University in Ohio. I received my dental and medical degrees from Howard University and Boston University and a masters of creative writing degree from Boston University. I have been a pathologist at University of Colorado Medical School for thirty-five years. To date I’ve written twelve novels, most of them mysteries and medical thrillers. SPOON is my first literary novel. Although I have written several literary short stories.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Most of my spare time I tend to spend time on my cattle ranch in Wyoming where I love to fly fish and run the ranching operation. I also write most of my novels there, although, my permanent residence is in Denver.

You own a cattle ranch. What type of cattle do you raise?

I do own a cattle ranch, the Triangle Long Bar ranch in southern Wyoming. Prior to that I owned a ranch in Steamboat Springs for eighteen years. I have run Black Baldy cattle, a cross between a Hereford and Angus and straight Black Angus cattle. I am currently running 250-head of Black Angus cattle.

Do you have a morning routine?

I do not have a morning writing routine since I have to get up quite early to go my day job at the University of Colorado Medical Center. On weekdays I write when I can. On the weekends I have a morning routine, I typically get up, have coffee and a Danish and write for two to four hours. If I’m at the ranch on the weekends, I typically follow the same routine.

What comes first for you…the plot or the characters?

Interestingly, neither the plot or my characters come first, especially since after twelve novels, I’m pretty much set with the characters. What usually comes first is a kernel of an idea. That idea then generally works itself into a plot that characters are placed within.

What inspired you to write Spoon as this is different from your CJ mystery series.

SPOON was originally a short story that I wrote as part of my masters in creative
writing thesis at Boston University. The story was ultimately published in a literary magazine and then published in my collection of short stories, ISOLATION AND OTHER STORIES. For some reason I couldn’t quite get SPOON out of my mind. However, my publishers at Warner Books and then North Atlantic Books, a subsidiary of Random House, are largely interested in me publishing mysteries and medical thrillers, not literary pieces. I, therefore, went to Fulcrum Publishers, a literary house, and they published SPOON. I also was interested in writing a novel that had some of the same flavor of the famous western SHANE.

Is Spoon based on a real person?

Spoon is clearly not based on any one real. He is absolutely and completely a figment of my imagination.

How did you come up with the name Arcus Witherspoon?

The central character’s name is Spoon, a derivative of his last name, Witherspoon. I spent a long time trying to come up with his first name and finally decided on Arcus because I wanted the name to have some semblance to the word Arc which in a sense means far-reaching, largely because of Spoon’s oddly strange clairvoyance.

What can readers look forward to from you next?

My next novel will be a CJ Floyd mystery entitled FIRST OF STATE. It is a prequel to the entire CJ Floyd mystery series and takes place between the years of 1971 when CJ first comes back from Vietnam and 1981 when he becomes a fully developed bounty hunter and bail bondsman. FIRST OF STATE also takes the reader through the process of CJ getting back into mainstream society after suffering through a war and explains how he meets many of the characters who readers will see in future novels.

Any last words to the readers?

Most of all I hope that readers will continue to read. It seems that the younger generation is doing less and less reading. Contrary to popular belief, reading is very important. The number one predictor of how a student will do in medical school for instance turns out to be reading comprehension. Not how well the applicant performed in calculus or chemistry. So young readers out there, take my word for it, reading is an absolute key to success and getting to where you want to go in life.

Thank you again for this interview.

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Spoon me up some more!

I want to thank Erin for letting me be a part of this book blog tour.

My review:

TJ Darley was heading back to his parents ranch, the Willow Creek Ranch in Montana, when he came upon Arcus Witherspoon aka Spoon. Spoon was walking along the highway with nothing but a cowboy hat and no boots. TJ asked Spoon about his lack of foot wear and all Spoon said was that shoes can be excess baggage when a man is in a hurry.

Spoon was heading to Ohio to find his roots. TJ offered up Spoon a job as a hired hand on his family’s ranch. Spoon took him up on his offer. TJ’s father used to have a great sense of humor but after the death of TJ's brother, Jimmy, his father changed. Jimmy died when he was just fifteen years old. He was trying to swim across Willow Creek ad drowned. Spoon may seem like a nice guy but he has a spotted past.

This is the first book I have read by this author. Spoon remembers me of the Wild West. Mr. Greer had such a great talent for story telling. There was something about this book that instantly transported me back to a time where honor, family and standing up for yourself meant something. All, I have to say is, Spoon me up some more. You couldn’t help but fall in love with Spoon. What with his quiet demeanor and special talents. He would surprise you. You never knew what Spoon would do next. He is what the west is all about. TJ Daley and his family were good as well. I plan to check out Mr. Greer’s CJ Floyd mysteries.

Hot and Irresistible

Hot and Bothered introduced readers to Bebe Fitzpatrick. She is back in her own story in Hot and Irresistible. The newest release from author, Dianne Castrell.

Bebe Fitzpatrick is a darn good cop. She is also tough and can take care of herself. While her friends may never leave home without their lip gloss; Bebe on the other hand would not go anywhere without her gun. Bebe usually has no problems snagging any guy she wants…till now. Bebe’s friends help Bebe to loose up and show Donovan just what she is packing under her suit.

Sexy Donovan McCabe is also a cop. It isn’t easy working day in and day out with a bombshell of a distraction like Bebe. Donovan will have to try and get his head in the game. He and Bebe are tracking down a notorious entrepreneur.

I didn’t really feel the chemistry between Bebe and Donovan. It might have been because Bebe kept telling herself and believing that she wasn’t attractive, which in turn made me see her that way as well. Though Donovan saw Bebe in a whole different light. As someone he couldn’t keep either his eyes or his hands off of. The balance between the story line and the romance with Donovan and Bebe was good. I do want to check out some of Dianne Castrell’s prior novels.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Having a Bewitching time with author Linda Wisdom + giveaway

I want to thank both Danielle with Sourcebooks for letting me review this book as well as allowing me to give away 2 copies of this book and to Linda Wisdom for being a guest on my blog.

Many thanks to Cheryl for having me here to talk about my favorite fictional witches.

Although what gave me that nudge toward writing witches were film witches and memories of visiting Salem when my husband was stationed in Boston for two and a half years.

I’ve always enjoyed the movie I Married A Witch starring Veronica Lake as a 1700s witch, burned at the stake, although it’s a well known fact they weren’t burned in the US, but her spirit ends up bound. All it takes is her return in the 1940s, a love potion gone wrong and her long ago enemy’s descendant is caught up in the insanity. Yes, filled with historical inconsistencies, but it’s still a fun movie and you have to love a strong-minded witch.

Plus Practical Magic, while based on a book, it was the movie that revved my imagination.

Sally Owens was a witch in a family where the women were doomed to lose the men they loved. With that loss, she gave up her magic, until that gift was needed to save her sister.

For a fictional witch I’d say Camille in Yasmine Galenorn’s Sisters of the Moon series. Camille is strong, family-minded, and ready to do battle for her sisters. With each book she’s grown even more and you have to love to see what happens next.

One thing I’ve enjoyed in books and film are the stories that show women banding together. Friendships that are woven so tightly they’re stronger than family. Families bound in more than blood.

I value my own friends and in my way I wanted to write about that. I bound the young witches together with a forbidden spell and 700 years later they’re still bound together with friendship and a loyalty that can’t be broken. Mortal friends are there with a shovel and an alibi. Witches are there with spells blazing and cauldrons bubbling if need be.

Basically it wasn’t fictional witches that inspired me, but my friends around me as we all reached that point where we tapped into our inner witch. In Practical Magic Dianne Weist’s character said “there’s a little witch in all of us”.

There’s a lot out there that inspires me. Books, movies, and friends.

So there you have it. We all have some witch in us, magic that hovers overhead, and there’s nights that we really do think about dancing under the moon. If witches in books and movies do it, why can’t we?

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The Overcomers!

I want to thank Nikki with Promo 101 - Virtual Blog Tours for letting me be a part of this tour.

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"I travel the world teaching about diversity and empowerment, and how we can all rise above our own personal circumstances and become better people. When I read Overcomers, Inc., I was struck by the diversity of the authors and their stories, yet the book comes together around a strong message: that no situation is hopeless, that no one is ever alone, and that everyone can reach beyond their circumstances and triumph. This is a book for everyone. It will empower and uplift all who read it. Highly recommended."

Dr. Maura Cullen, Leading Diversity Speaker, author of 35 Dumb Things Well-Intended People Say,

"One of my favorite sayings is "The only way out is through!" This wonderful book is full of stories about people who didn't let fear, pain, or discouragement stop them from pursuing their paths. Very inspiring and highly recommended!"

Dale Goldstein, LCSW, author of the award-winning book, Heartwork: How To Get What You Really, REALLY Want,

"Life is always a series of challenges. Some small - some beyond challenging. And as this book so beautifully promises, always there is hope. So expect to be inspired and uplifted by these real life stories of triumph and spiritual expansion. And it's a good read!"
Judith Sherven, PhD, and Jim Sniechowski, PhD,authors of #1 best seller,The Heart of Marketing,

In Overcomer's, Inc., you share in the experiences of people who are your neighbors, co-workers, gym buddy, church member, or virtually anyone who lives an ordinary life and is called to go through extraordinary experiences.

The 38 authors come from all walks of life around the globe. They were compelled to share a part of themselves in hopes that their stories would inspire, delight, bring comfort, laughter and reflection to those who read them.
Are you someone who is looking for a gentler path in life? A life of joy, passion and serenity? Then look no further. In Overcomer's, Inc., you will...
Discover how to handle even the toughest situations with grace.
Find out how others deal with adversity to become more of who they are meant to be.
Evaluate what is really important in order that you will have more meaning in your life.
Understand that life's experiences are often the very things that guide us to our divine path.
Learn how to create more happiness, fulfillment, passion and joy in all areas of your life.
As you read each story you will come to love the essence of all the authors. Each shares what it took to overcome even the most difficult situations to become a beacon of light to others.
Overcomers, Inc., is not your typical inspirational book. It is one you will want to keep close by to enjoy whenever you need a boost of inspiration.

If you're like most people, you've experienced situations that were often so overwhelming there seemed no end in sight. Each author shares their own "no end in sight" experience that molded them into the people they are today.

With Overcomers, Inc. True Stories of Hope, Courage and Inspiration!, take a memorable journey that will leave you laughing, crying, reflecting and knowing you never have to be alone ever again regardless of how difficult a situation life offers you.

"The stories in this book are not only inspiring, they are also thought provoking. They make you look at your life and want to do more and be more. They provide both hope and optimism and give you a sense that you can truly accomplish anything."

Kimberly A. Mylls,co-author, Boys Before Business: The Single Girl's Guide to Having it All, co-founder of

"A seriously terrific book. I was moved to tears and laughter within pages, and can't wait to order a box to give as gifts. Overcomers, Inc. also happens to be a genuine reflection of the humanity of the authors. Both book and authors are wise, light, and make the world a better place."
Andrea J. Lee,author, How I Wonder... Thought Leadership in a Noisy World,

"It is no coincidence that happiness, gratitude in practice, and simple yet time-honored truths are key themes in this beautiful collection of stories where faith, hope, optimism, and sheer determination triumph over the worst of odds. If you're stuck in a rut, or doing well, either way you'll enjoy the unfailingly positive message and relish the tools Overcomers, Inc. provides to surface deep gratitude and awareness to empower your life."

Maryam Websterauthor, Everyday Bliss For Busy Women,
"There is no better way to work on your life than to have a coach or mentor beside you helping you keep your eye on the goal and cheering you on. The stories in Overcomers, Inc. inspire you to reach deeper and work harder, knowing that it is possible to rise above disappointments, set-backs, and tragedies, to succeed and become the best you can possibly be."
~ Ruth Lee,author, Angel of the Maya,

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Lee Pound,editor, publisher, coach, author of 57 Steps to Better Writing

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This book shifts your awareness to a whole new level. Every time you read it you will find something new to take away, contemplate and integrate into your life to make it better than ever before. This is a must-read for anyone who is looking to live a life they love; a life filled with faith, trust, acceptance and serenity.

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"As a firm believer that we have complete control over how we graciously accept the lessons of life, I am refreshed through reading Overcomers, Inc. This body of work chronicles the ultimate journey of acceptance and opportunity. If you've ever found yourself questioning "why?" something happened, you must read this book. The stories reinforce that there is always a "how" that will move you on to the next delicious experience in life. We may not always know the reason something happens when it's happening, but we can always apply the lesson to enrich our lives."

Lisa Manyon,Professional Copywriting & Marketing Strategist,

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"At a time in the world when so many people are feeling fear about their future and questioning their faith, Overcomers, Inc. comes as a Divine answer, reminding us that when faced with what seems to be insurmountable odds, miracles occur when we approach life with a loving, open and courageous heart. After reading each story, you cannot help being transformed in some way. This is one book you'll keep by your nightstand for when you need a dose of hope and inspiration!"
Lorraine Cohen,Spiritual Life Coach & Advisor, Speaker,

"These pieces will make you want to cry and smile at the same time. They are heart-wrenching, inspiring, and right from the heart. If you're going through a tough time and need inspiration, the words in Overcomers, Inc. will remind you that you're not alone. The authors remind us that even in the midst of terrible change and crisis, hope and transformation are not only possible but inevitable."
Anna Stookey, MA, MFT,Bodymind Specialist and Psychotherapist,

"Fans of our film "You" are often looking for comforting ways to overcome the loss the film depicts. I found the book magnificent. To read these stories of people who have 'overcome' throws such light on my own process. I found it enlightening, very useful and I highly recommend it."
Gildart Jackson,producer, writer, actor,

"At the end of reading the beautiful poignant stories, the first word that came to my mind was "Wow!" These are extraordinary and brave stories... not only inspiring, but soul stirring. Each one of these narratives is proof that there is a choice to co-create with Source that will inevitably bring healing. All the authors had the trust, willingness, and courage to make that choice, and surrender to the mystery of life's unfolding, demonstrating how tragedies, illness, disappointment and betrayal can be shape-shifted into miracles. It is a noble book not only for these unprecedented turbulent times, and serves as a beacon of hope for all of us in the human condition."
Max Wellspring,

"These true stories of regular people overcoming tough times will give you the strength to carry on to the peace and healing possible in your own life. Each one is a jewel of inspiration and encouragement."
Art Maines, LCSW

"If you need a quick dose of encouragement, the wisdom you will read here will help you learn to embrace tragedy, deal with it quickly and be thankful for it, instead of considering it the bane of society. When you finish reading this marvelous collection of stories, thank God for His grace in your life. Then pass this copy on to the person who needs it most. You'll know who it is."
Rhea Perry,Educator for Families and Entrepreneurs,

"Wow! I was so touched and moved by the stories in Overcomers, Inc.! I love reading stories that inspire me - and this book definitely delivers. Overcomers, Inc. will not only inspire you, it will empower you, granting not only hope, but the tenacity and courage to never give up, never stop believing, and always keep moving forward. I highly recommend it!"
Hallie Thompson,

"This book is an amazing compilation of inspiring, uplifting, and motivating stories that will keep you wanting more! After reading these heartfelt stories, I feel enlightened and empowered to deal with adversity from an entirely different perspective! Thank you to all the brave authors who shared their stories!"
Jana Hollingsworth,Intuitive Life Coach,

"At a time in our culture when there is such a media focus on the negative, this book is a refreshing blessing. This book has three gifts to share with the reader. First, it serves as a source of inspiration to help us overcome our own challenges. Second, the contributing authors are real life role models in "how to" overcome. Third, and I think this may be the most subtle yet important gift, it gives us a broader perspective about the true magnitude of our own challenges. Using Overcomers, Inc. as a kind of benchmark, we can ask ourselves, "Is what is happening to me right now really as bad as I'm making it out to be?" Thank you for your vision and bringing all of these amazing people together so they could share their stories."
Kelly LeFevre, MSM, LMT,Author, Speaker & Marketing Coach

"Overcomers, Inc. is an inspiring, heart-focused book of real-life stories about individuals with real-life challenges; ones we all have to find ways to overcome every day. I found it comforting to read, to know 'I'm not alone' in my own challenges. Everyone has them and some unfortunately much larger than mine. I also found it heartwarming to read that those with so many obstacles in life chose to make such a huge difference in others' lives in return, and in doing so became heroes themselves."
Katrina Sawa,The JumpStart Your Biz Coach,

"Before you read Overcomers, Inc., start your engines of courage, faith, and strength. You will need them to keep up with the incredible authors who wrote and lived these stories. These stories of hope demonstrate that you always have a choice between victimhood and triumph. This is a book that everyone must read, study, and practice. Then, never let anything stop you again!"
Jimm Hughey, MS,Master Wealth Acceleration Coach,

"I was moved to tears by the inspiring stories of Overcomers, Inc. My heart filled with renewed faith in the miraculous strength and resiliency of the human spirit."
Cindy Morris, MSW,Best-selling author of, Priestess Entrepreneur: Success is an Inside Job,

"Working with chronic pain patients for over 20 years they all share a common feeling-the loss of hope. They feel that they are all alone and their life has changed forever and there is nothing left but suffering. Reading these compelling stories from people who span the globe, one realizes they are not alone in this world. To help my patients heal, I recommend they read Overcomers, Inc. These stories are from real people who suffered real challenges in life and came out the other side a stronger person--a person with self-confidence and hope."
Dr. Michael Kaye,

Everyone goes through some type of a struggle whether it is personally or professionally. Adversity is a part of life.

Some people seem to handle adversity with much more ease, acceptance and understanding while others struggle every step of the way. Is it that the 38 authors were born lucky or did they discover a secret along the way?

Each will tell you that the faith, belief, mindset and gratitude they developed over the years is their secret.

Join 38 ordinary, yet extraordinary, men and women as they share their personal journeys of overcoming adversity.

You'll never look at adversity the same way!

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Stop Being a Victim! Lesson 1 of In Touch Methods™ begins with introducing you to your own inner guidance system. It is a very basic first step but, as with most lessons, the first steps are the most crucial.
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After a successful business advisory and travel agency businessesin the Philippines, Lourdes Elardo-Gant immigrated to Canada tolearn from multi - millionaires. She began her continued quest forpersonal development. She learned at the time that happiness andfreedom are the ultimate intentions from accumulating wealth.
With a unique skill of attracting wealth and success and sharing them, Lourdes began her Law of Attraction Coaching career teaching manifestation strategies.

How To Dump The Junk, Get What You Want and WHAT WANTS YOU!Joe RumboloValue: $27.77
Enjoy this powerful eReport presenting the information, principles, tools and most importantly the mechanics of how to Dump The Junk that has been keeping you from creating your life your way and getting what you want by creating a clean, clear, crisp channel of communication with your higher power.
The more JUNK YOU DUMP, the cleaner, crisper and more on purpose your communication with your higher power becomes, resulting in a greater degree of SELF TRUST leading to Transformation, Creation & Manifestation, while moving you closer to the Core Essence of Who You Are, easily, freely and with grace.

The 1-eBook Solution: Creating Massive Passive Income From A Single eBook Special ReportEllen VioletteValue: $111.00
If you've dreamt of becoming an author and you want to make more and work less then writing an ebook is the way to go! You write it once and it's done! But some people are intimidated and can't get started or start and get stuck. And that's too bad because it's easy to become a successful author when you know how! To help you get started you'll get my special report and 2 1-hour audios. This is NOT fluff but THE EXACT information you need to overcome all obstacles and build the foundation for a succesful ebook/Internet career!

Doorways to SoulKimberly MarooneyValue: $27.00
80-minute audio. Every thought, feeling, desire, prayer and experience has the potential to become a doorway into the Temple of Your Soul and wealth beyond imagining. Known as "The Elevator to God," Rev. Kimberly Marooney, Ph.D. has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide open to the healing power of divine love. Listen in as she shares how to Ask for and Receive angel guidance, love, inspiration, healing, creativity, everything you need.

The 8 Steps of Empowerment Marlene ChismValue: $50.00
Recession or reinvention? You choose! The Stop Your Drama Methodology is an 8 part empowerment process to help you reinvent any area of your life or business. Could it be we are missing the opportunity right in front of us?
It's time to clear the fog and answer the tough questions:
Who are you?
What are you committed to?
Where would you be without your drama?
What if...
See how clarity can change any situation and how releasing resistance can put you back in the flow.

Positive Thinking Is NOT EnoughJudith Sherven, PhD and Jim Sniechowski, PhDValue: $97.00
When was the last time you decided to change your mind and it didn't work? You heard over and over that positive thinking would do the trick. You gave it your all BUT ended up in the same place. Why? Because Positive Thinking Is Not Enough! Positive thinking alone doesn't go deep enough - into those dark corners that keep you stuck. The truth is - your unconscious commitments will always override and undermine your conscious efforts.
Always! So, can you have what you want? Absolutely!
Access this bonus and find out what it takes - and turn your dreams into your real life.

Your Marketing Mindset: Helping or Hurting You?Jody GabourieValue: $37.00
Find out if your attitude towards marketing is sabotaging your profits and if so, what you can do about it.
The information and action exercises in this workbook will help you uncover your marketing mindset and determine if it is hurting or helping you.
You'll also learn the different components that make up your marketing mindset:
your attitude towards marketing
realizing you have to market
understanding what marketing really is
the process of marketing
the "selling" part of marketing
your mindset's impact on what marketing tactics you choose
After completing this workbook, you'll have a list of actions to help you successfully market your services!'

The Courage To Act - 2 Free ChaptersChuck AbbottValue: $17.00
Give Me 15 Minutes and I'll Introduce You To a Man Whose Incredible, But 100% True Story Will Stay With You Long After You Have Heard It...
Even his setbacks and the way he overcomes them will change your life - truly a story that will inspire you like no other.
Scott McGregor has had an amazing life. In his upcoming book "The Courage To Act" he talks about his highs and lows in a story that will stay with you long after you have read it. Download the first 2 chapters today.

6 Attitudes & Actions for Creating Effortless Success AudioRuth HegartyValue: $39.00
Effortless Success is as much a state of mind as a set of specific actions that you need to take to experience higher income, fewer work hours, more freedom, time, energy, etc. This audio walks you through six of the key attitudes and actions you need to put into place in order to become truly successful in your business. Get the inspiration to think BIG and the practical how to's for growing a successful business. It's for you if you want to get to work the hours you choose, with clients you love, while making more money than ever before and loving every minute of it.

Live RAYdiantly Inspiration kitSierra SullivanValue: $39.00
Get a free digital copy of The RAY magazine-Southern California's fastest growing lifestyle magazine empowering women towards positive living and healthy body image.
You will also receive Inspirational Video on how Sierra made her dream a reality despite economic and advertising challenges.

Blueprint for Manifesting; Three Foundation PillarsRichard D. BlackstoneValue: $27.00
Manifesting is easy when you have the right foundation. This book gives you the "Three Foundation Pillars" that you need to manifest whatever you desire into your life, guaranteed.
Shift your awareness and consciousness about manifesting wealth
Discover the hidden tool for manifesting reality easily and effortlessly
Learn why manifesting abundance requires you to shift your perspective & awareness
Start the conscious creation of your life with these "Three Foundation Pillars."

The Finding Time Quick-Start Guide: 5 Simple Steps to Convert Critical Self-Sabotage to Success!Paula Eder, Ph.D.Value: $129.00
What Would You DO If You Knew How to Self-Talk Your Way to Sure-Fire Success? Yes, it IS possible to replace inner nagging voices with affirming, dynamic self-coaching. All choices are time choices - yours to make. And the most powerful choice you can make is to eradicate negative self-talk.
This FREE easy system gives you heart-based time tips, checklists, and quizzes in workbook format... golden keys to powerfully meet challenges of all sizes, continuously. These 5 Steps will provide countless benefits every time you use even just one. Start Converting Critical Self-Sabotage to Success now.

Money Meaning and BeyondAndrea J. Lee & Tina ForsythValue: $19.95
Creating Money and Meaning is not a step 1-2-3 plan... sometimes you have to come at it from a different angle and shake things up a bit!
What is the fastest, easiest path to money that you can implement, today? How can a pink spoon mentality bring you thousands of clients? And when is the best time to strategically order chicken salad instead of tuna fish... to the benefit of your business?
We wrote this book to be exactly that - a quirky yet impactful read for when you feel stuck, bored or are just in the mood for adventure.

Moms: Ready to get your mojo back? Debi Silber, MS, RD, WHC "The Mojo Coach"Value: $40.00
Debi Silber, The Mojo Coach, is a Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainer, Whole Health Coach, speaker and author of The Lifestyle Fitness Program: A Six Part Plan So Every Mom Can Look, Feel and Live Her Best. Debi's branded The Mojo Coach because after working exclusively with unfit, overweight and overwhelmed moms for nearly 20 years, she's discovered the six things every mom needs to "get her mojo back."
52 weeks to get your body, mind and spirit in shape! Each week for an entire year you'll receive ideas, tips and suggestions to overcome obstacles in the 6 areas moms struggle with most.

The "How To" Success Book for Small Business OwnersJanis PettitValue: $27.00
Ever wish you had a small business guidebook chock full of the business growth advice, tips, insights and resources all in one place?
.. somewhere you could easily access a wealth of expert marketing, mind set and strategy information.
Whether you've been in business for a while or are just getting started, this book is something you'll refer to regularly. In this economy, while many businesses will suffer, the smartest marketers and most savvy entrepreneurs will keep growing. Get the help you need to stay ahead.
The How To: book is overflowing with IDEAS, TIPS and RANDOM NUGGETS of BUSINESS BUILDING KNOW-HOW

10 Steps to Online Networking SuccessDana Lynn SmithValue: $15.00
Online social networking is an enjoyable and effective way to build your brand, stay in touch with customers, and develop relationships with potential customers, influencers, and joint venture partners.
In this special report, you'll learn how to plan your strategy to get the most from networking, choose the right networks, brand yourself, use proper etiquette, avoid common mistakes, protect your privacy, use your time wisely, start your own network, and more. You'll also get an overview of several major networks. This report is excerpted from Dana's book Get Connected: Build Your Business With Online Networking.

Live Life Full Out gift packageDr. Pat Baccili
Dr. Pat Baccili and friends team up to provide you with a plethora of gifts designed to help you live life full-out. Powerful life-changing gifts such as free articles, mp3 downloads, and more! Download free tools to help you succeed in all areas of your life! Dr. Pat is blowing the doors off traditional talk radio shows with her energizing delivery and powerful interviews with renowned leaders in the field of human potential. Her fresh, unique perspective on "living life full out" has catapulted her show to the top position in alternative talk radio!

Vibration Elevation FormulasAnisa AvenValue: $179.00
No matter how many books you've read on personal growth;
No matter how many audios you've listened to on achieving your dreams;
No matter how many courses, teachers, coaches, gurus and psychics you've paid to help you realize your goals;
If you aren't using the ©Vibration Elevation Formulas then you're taking the long road to personal and professional fulfillment.
Apply this 6-minute formula to instantly shift your level of consciousness, stop self-sabotage and empower your magnetic attraction.

Eliminate the Stress of Procrastination from Your Life Forever!Jan JanzenValue: $47.00
Is that To-Do List ruining your life?
Does it keep on getting longer and longer?
Are you a slave to what you "should" do?
If your life feels like one big To-Do list and a heavy weight on your shoulders, then you really need this practical report and 20 minute emotional clearing meditation.
Learn 6 reasons why you are procrastinating and how to eliminate the guilt and overwhelm from your life forever. Then listen to the recording that will release the stress around procrastination in your life forever!

Creating the Path to Prosperity: Challenge Your Money Mind$et and Break Through to Effortless Abundance! Excerpt from CD Hillary HarrisValue: $25.00 retail / $18.00 Internet purchase from Hillary's website / Pricele$$ for your life!
Did you know that money, or the fear of lack of money, is the single greatest factor blocking people from following their dreams and pursuing their heart's deepest desires? And how much money you have (or don't have) has nothing to do with the economy, your industry, the current state of world affairs or even money itself!
In this CD excerpt, Hillary Harris, Prosperity Coach, Intuitive Strategist, Transformational Speaker and Soul Purpose Guide empowers you to transform limiting money beliefs and release fears in order to follow your heart, create sustainable prosperity and abundance and attract all that you desire out of life in 7 powerful steps!

Your Every Question Answered (Really!)Amy Scott GrantValue: $97.00
Would life be easier if you had a fool-proof tool to show you the best possible choice in any situation? This multi-media e-course from Amy Scott Grant will show you how to harness the power of your very own "Easy Button" for life.
Always make the best possible decision in any given moment
Definitively know whether someone is telling you truth or not
Learn to trust and rely on inner guidance for support
Perform a simple healing exercise (on yourself or others)
Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're doing the right thing -- every time

Energy Guru TipsGurutej KhalsaValue: $39.00
Do you need more energy? Do you need to shift your energy in the moment so you can be more powerful? If you said yes, then you will love this.
Knowing how to shift your mental, emotional and physical states in the moment gives you the power of your life.
It gives YOU back to YOU.
It will make you and your life delightful.

Keep Any Promise ebookKarim H IsmailValue: $173.95
What would it feel like to keep all your new year's resolutions, and every promise you make? Yes-fantastic!
Unfortunately, most of us live a life of broken promises-to ourselves, our families, the world. At any age, the cost of not keeping our promises is staggering: in our failed relationships, stalled careers, lack of connection, and poor physical and mental health. Are you living life to its fullest every day, or are you stumbling through life?
This is a terrific step-by-step blueprint to keeping all your promises, worth $24.95! Achieve financial abundance, great health, wonderful relationships, a strong spiritual connection, and a positive world impact. As an added bonus: get a 120 page workbook, $149 value, FREE!

Boost Biz With Your Intuition - Audio Interview from BigDreamGuru.comTal ShaiValue: $47.00
"Did you know that some of the most successful people in the world RELY ON THEIR INTUITION to make decisions that consistently put millions of $$$ in their pockets and more joy, ease and creativity in their business and life?"
In this content-rich Audio Interview (with action-guide), Tal Shai will dicuss how YOU TOO CAN TAP YOUR INTUITION, a practice that can skyrocket your business and life to new, exciting and highly profitable heights!

The Reflection MovieTony IndomenicoValue: $25.00
Free: Motivational movie to change your life! Take an honest look in the mirror - and LOVE what you see! The Reflection movie, by motivational trainer and personal coach Tony Indomenico asks you the questions that you avoid, and gently urges you to action to take control and make the changes you want, to become the best person you can be. The Reflection Movie is a tender, heartening, and ultimately, empowering reminder of our own potential.

The Secrets to Access Your Soul's infinite Power - Sample Chapters of Awakening: Fulfilling Your Soul's Purpose on Earth (Not Yet Available Anywhere!)Ping LiValue: $9.00
Chapter One, Who You Are? shows you who you REALY are, the pure essence of love, light, abundance, perfection and miracle that you are seeking is within you right now and how to access this infinite source power of your soul that will change your life forever. Chapter two, Your Life Lessons, teaches you why you are here on earth and how to learn your life lessons with ease instead of pain and suffering. Why it is critical to forgive, detach and let go for your spiritual advance and create the life you truly love and deserve.

Stop Chasing Business eBookJoe NunziataValue: $67.00
Now you can sell from your heart and completely transform your business and life with this powerful eBook "Stop Chasing Business." Based on the principles in my new bestselling book "Spiritual Selling."
This eBook includes:
How Fear Stops You from Moving Forward
How to Go from Victim to Master
5 Keys to Elevating Your Abundance Level
How to Become a Better Receiver and Increase Your Attraction Level
How to Build a Success System You Can Duplicate
How to Walk the Parallel Path Between Spirituality and Financial Success and more!

Totally Motivated eBook by NYT Best Selling author Chris WidenerBryan HeathmanValue: $6.00
Totally Motivated is the winning e-book from motivational expert Chris Widener that focuses Totally on Motivation: How to get it, how to keep it, so you can succeed in every area of your life!
Invest in yourself today! Join tens of thousands of people who have benefited from this best selling author's work on Motivation.
You will also enjoy weekly motivational articles with contributions from people like Brian Tracy, John Maxwell, Tom Hopkins, Mark Victor Hansen.

How to Manage Your Entrepreneurial Overwhelm While Keeping Your Entrepreneurial CreativityTherese SkellyValue: $47.00
Here's what you'll learn:
The 7 Step Process to Stay Sane and Stay On Track
Tools to End the Overwhelm In Your Business
The Myth of the Concept of Balance
How to Make Your Business Work with Your Life
Much, much more...
Here's what's included...
How to Manage Your Entrepreneurial Overwhelm While Keeping Your Entrepreneurial Creativity: 46 minute audio download
How to Manage Your Entrepreneurial Overwhelm While Keeping Your Entrepreneurial Creativity: workbook

Self Empowerment GuidebookChris CadeValue: $37.00
To help you realize your greatest potential, several of today's up and coming spiritual growth leaders share their wisdom in this power-packed transformational digital book.
Each expert explores self empowerment from a different perspective, ultimately giving you a well-rounded and highly effective approach on what it takes for you to empower yourself and live a life of joy and success.
Discover what self empowerment really is
Find out the simplest way to empower yourself using the Law of Attraction
And much, much more sent straight to your inbox...

SWINE FLU PANDEMIC: Update for Pregnancy, Babies and InfantsDr. Mark ZakowskiValue: $19.95
In this Special Report by Dr. Mark Zakowski, discover how to avoid getting sick from Swine Flu and spreading it to your loved ones, how to tell if you have Swine Flu and current recommended treatment for Swine flu.
Find out if you are at high risk for getting complication from Swine Flu. This report is for anyone concerned about their health especially women who are or want to be pregnant. Dr. Zakowski has been in charge of over 105,000 deliveries, giving him valuable insights on how to best ensure a happy mom, a healthy baby, and a safe delivery.

Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business eBookDr. Joe CapistaValue: $19.00
Entrepreneurs, small business owners, sales professionals and anyone who dreams of building a profitable business...
Discover 3 things you must do to have a highly profitable business!
Learn proven systems used to build a profitable business
Learn easy-to-apply systems used to build a profitable, multi-million dollar business
Discover what the The Success Triangle™ is and why it is so important in growing your business
Find out why some people succeed and others never will
Learn the three things you must do to have a highly profitable business

Lessons from the LibraryStuart "GuruStu" RosenValue: $29.00
After a near-death experience as a child, Stuart Rosen began to have nightly 'visits' to a place called the 'Library'. There he would be met by teachers who shared lessons about Life. This book is a reflection on that time and of the valuable wisdom of those special times.

Excerpts from the best-selling book The One Minute Coach: change your life one minute at a timeMasha MalkaValue: $10.00
The One Minute Coach book combines a pragmatic and spiritual approach to both personal and professional success and gives you the tools to create more abundance, joy, fulfillment and happiness through easy to understand processes and routines.
Based on proven and tested success principles and often used as a reference guide for a happier and more fulfilling life, The One Minute Coach is sure to be a welcome addition to virtually any personal or professional library.
To sustain your success, you will also receive a highly acclaimed The One Minute Coach e-program by Masha Malka.

Time... RedefinedAprille Janes Value: $19.00
"Time... Redefined" isn't about goal setting, milestones and action plans. Who needs another book on time management? You've probably been there and got the T-shirt. Instead, this book leads you to uncover what you really want and how to weave those dreams into a busy modern life. Invest the only asset you really own wisely. This book will show you how.

Expand in GRATITUDE NOW with Creative Questions - Free Gratitude SessionDoctor MonicaValue: $19.95
Imagine what would happen to you and those around you if you could expand your capacity to feel Grateful?
Join Doctor Monica for this Online Coaching Session, and let her guide you through the Workbook, a 30 minute Audio recording and a five minute Guided Meditation to educate your mind to align with source, so you can expand in your natural quality of Gratitude.
In your Natural State as an Unlimited Being, you are Gratitude already.
You can discover your Natural Gratitude by clearing away your clouds of limitations, so your natural ability to Be Gratitude can shine through you. This is the goal for our investigation.

Outsourcing JumpStart PackageMichele Hanson-O'ReggioValue: $127.00
"Effectively delegating to others is perhaps the single most powerful high-leverage activity there is." ~ Steven Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Discover 107+ Ways to increase your profits and save tons of time with outsourcing. Plus get access to small business resources and tools to simplify, automate and grow your business online.
* Free "Leverage Your Brilliance" Delegation Assessment
Discover how well you manage the demands of your business, what might be hampering your ability to delegate and what you can do about it. Includes a 20-minute Complimentary Consultation by phone.

License Your Info Products and Contents to Websites, Companies, and Publications (PDF)Paulette EnsignValue: $47.00
Granting specific rights to use your content or produce your product is one of the least-tapped revenue sources and ways of extending your message within and beyond your country. Plus it's 100% profit. Find out some ways to leverage what you've done to reap repeated and huge rewards.
Learn simple ways to transform what you know into products to use for motivating and making money, while marketing yourself in the process.

Letting go of the GrudgeCorinne RoppValue: $49.00
Calling ALL people who have ever had an upset with someone and chose to have a grudge against that person. What you may not know is that it is hurting you more than it is the other person. This report will support in forgiveness of self as well as others in your life.
Letting go of the Grudge is an inspirational report and a guided relaxation on how to let go of the grudges of your life.Doing this allows an energy of peace and balance in your life. Simple effective ways of forgiving someone else as well as yourself.

Purpose, Vision and GoalsChantal BeaupreValue: $14.95
You're standing on the brink of your greatness and unlimited possibility. Now is the time to seek out your destiny. It's time to see and achieve one goal after another with a clear vision and focus waiting to be unleashed.
No what you desire or how big your goal, now is the time!
Start NOW moving from Possibility to Probability with a FREE MP3 by Bob Proctor (as seen in "The Secret" movie).

Your Internet Cash Machine SamplerJillian Coleman WheelerValue: Limitless!
Get over 50 free pages packed with little known how-to information to create your own Internet Cash Machine, straight from the pages of the bestselling book.
Whether you already have an Internet business, or you're just in the thinking stages, we'll guide you along the easiest, most lucrative path to wealth.
Live life - and business - on your own terms.

The Little Book of Abundance, Abundance is Simply a Choice - Free Ebook from Our Little BooksJulia M. LindseyValue: $6.97
Is your life taking you on a journey over which you have no control either financially or in other areas of your life? Are you ready to take a journey where you make simple choices that will lead to abundance?
If you answered yes to these questions, then this little Ebook will provide you with guidance and direction as to how you can make the correct choices to have more abundance in your life.
Prepare for your journey with The Little Book of Abundance and see how you can make simple choices that will lead to an abundant life.

Free Month of The Meditation Masters NetworkScott DesgrosseilliersValue: $29.00
I am offering one month free to the Meditation Masters Network. This gives you access to over 200 meditation audios, teleseminar recordings, video meditations, and articles on meditation. In addition, you get a new meditation emailed to you 5 days a week.

Getting Over Stage Fright MP3 recording by Janet Esposito

Value: $29.00
If you have any fear of public speaking or performing, you are in for a real treat. Listen to Kathleen Gage's interview with Amazon Bestselling Author Janet Esposito as Janet speaks about some of the highlights of her new book, Getting Over Stage Fright. She will be reviewing a holistic body, mind, spirit approach to transforming this fear and you will learn some core methods to help you speak or perform with more calmness, confidence, and ease.

Top 10 Selling Mistakes Service Providers Make & How to Avoid Them! by Kimberly Martin

Value: $19.00

As a health & wellness entrepreneur, are you...Seeing the level of clients you deserve?Struggling to reconcile yourself to being the "salesperson" of your business?Experiencing difficulties trying to promote your services?Interpreting your lack of clients with not being a good healer?Sales reluctant...period?

Do you remember why you went into business in the first place? Most likely it was to share your unique gifts and talents with the world and help others improve their lives.
Read our special report giving you integrity-based ways to start growing your business today!

The Good News about Cancer - and first steps to overcoming fear and becoming a healer by Nelie Johnson MD

"We are long overdue for some good news about cancer," says Dr. Nelie Johnson in this audio file.
Dr. Johnson brings her experience of over 30 years in medical practice and as a student of healing, to dispel some of the 'myths' about cancer, to identify and help you clear the greatest blocks to healing, and to give you a first prescription for 'treating' cancer.
If you have cancer or any serious disease, or want to prevent disease, you'll want to hear this recording to begin to overcome your fears and start taking steps to becoming a healer.

Personal and Professional Empowerment For Whole Living eBook by Charlon Bobo

Value: $49.95
Personal and Professional Empowerment For Whole Living

A FREE 29-page eBook from the 'conscious; copywriter and women's empowerment muse, Charlon Bobo. This content-rich compilation of inspired articles both enlightens AND provides practical, proven tools for empowerment in business and in life.
BONUS--In addition, you will gain complimentary access to 3 additional features to spark and champion your growth.

Grief Can Set You Free to Live a Passionate and Inspried Life by Colleen Russell

Value: $29.00
Do you long to feel fully alive, have more honest relationships, and a more compassionate world?
Colleen Russell and Kathleen Jenison will share their stories about how grieving the loss of a loved one, either through death or divorce, can set you free to live a passionate and inspired life.
In this 70 minute recording you'll learn why grieving a loss is important, discover the tools that can help you to move through loss, and will hear about the blessings that can emerge as a person opens to their grief.

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make You Have to Avoid by Karen Keeney

Value: $17.00
Karen Keeney has been working with women business owners for over 20 years. "I have seen what works and what doesn't work."

This FREE report will share with you five of the biggest mistakes I have seen business owners make; an how to overcome them. My 5 Must Read book list is a bonus and another bonus; 10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Add More Contacts to Your List.

Creating the Change You Want in 8 Powerful Steps by Tomar Levine

Value: $19.00

This comprehensive 36-page FREE Report will teach you the 8 fundamental steps to creating any change you want in your life.
You will also learn 20 powerful techniques to help you:
discover what you really want eliminate blocks to action
create a compelling vision you can commit to
align your vision, emotions, and subconscious
construct an action plan that works
find the support you need

Tomar Levine is a certified Life Purpose, Career and Creativity coach, and a contributor to Overcomers, Inc.

Tips For Living The Biblical Law Of Attraction (LOA) Without Feeling Guilty Or Selfishness by Susan M. Hampton

Value: $17.00

This Special Report includes Bible verses that show us that Jesus taught the principles of "ask, believe, and receive" over 2000 years ago.

You will learn: Why you don't have to feel bad about using the LOA in your life, even if your religious beliefs have told you otherwise; Why it is O.K. to ask God for your heart's desires; How you can begin to feel joy, success, fulfillment, & a sense of freedom in your life using God's Word; How to align your will with God's will and attract God's desires for your success; and more...

The Wellness Self-Assessment Questionnaire by Margaret Sarkissian

Value: $49.95
A FREE QUIZ that you can answer in minutes and score for yourself to find out how well you are doing in the five major wellness areas of your life. Answer the 30 questions that assess your overall well-being and identify any "hot spots" that may need some support and/or committed attention.

Then check out and read about the coaching services designed to help individuals reach their most deeply desired goals.

Margaret Sarkissian is a certified business and life coach, consultant, facilitator, and trainer who had delivered hundreds of workshops with warmth, wit, and wisdom. She is a contributing author to Overcomers Inc., an inspirational anthology, and is writing her own book on Respect in the Workplace.

40+ Tips for Creating Higher Energy Levels by Virginia Fischer

Value: $17.00

40+ Tips for Creating Higher Energy Levels is a powerful eBook that enables you to choose actions needed to increase your energy naturally.

Building and maintaining higher energy levels empowers you to move confidently forward and live your optimum lifestyle.

Do you want more peace? More health? More balance? More energy? Apply the Energy Tips in 40+ Tips for Creating Higher Energy Levels and your body, mind and soul will thank you as your energy levels increase and you easily achieve your goals and dreams.

Choose to be healthy, balanced, energetic and peaceful. Choose to take charge of your lifestyle now!

A Process of Partnering With Your True Self by Marifran Korb

Value: $35.00
This step-by-step process supports you in accessing your wisdom. Questions evoke times when you used your intuition in the past. Included are some ways that your wisdom manifests.

"Coach Startup" - A 10 week eCourse by The Coach Marketer: Suzan Schmitt

Value: $147.00
10 classes delivered weekly to your mailbox filled with actionable information to grow your coaching business and get clients. 5 One hour audio recordings covering all you need to know!
Did You Just Graduate from Coaching School and... You Have No Idea How to Start Your Coaching Business.

You Would Like Some Help from a Coach Who Has Gone Before You.

You Want Some Guidance to Get Started Quickly and Avoid Costly Mistakes?

A simple step by step program that gives you all the tools you need to choose a niche, set up your business systems, and market effectively so that your coaching business thrives.

How To End Homework Meltdowns in 5 Simple Steps by Colleen Bain

If you are like most parents, homework sessions with your child can be a daunting task. Your child will most likely do one or two things. Your child will have a meltdown and take a good hour to calm down. Your child will not be able to do homework based on content that was just covered in school the same day. Why? Why? Why? That is the big question we ask ourselves. Discover how 5 simple steps can end homework meltdowns, transform your child into an independent learner, and allow for a stress-free homework session every day.

Beyond The Law Of Attraction: How Conscious Creation Can Help You Create The Blueprint For Your Future: 5 Steps to Creating the Life You Want Today!Jackie LapinValue: $32.00

If you've heard about the Law of Attraction, you're only a tenth of the way there. In order to truly take charge of your future, you must begin pro-actively Consciously Creating Your Life-marshalling all of your intent, your energy, your creative visionary skills and your power of creation to manifest the future you choose to live. You can leave it to chance and see what life deals you, or you can go forward with a vision-a plan--and the positive high frequency energy that you have the power to radiate. Are you ready to tip the odds in your favor?

This book will put you on a life-changing journey to more faith, belief, gratitude and peace of mind!
You will be astounded with each and every story.

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